My EBF Journey #BreastfeedingWeek

Unlike all new parents, we were hell anxious about what is going to happen once our baby arrives.


I wasn’t sure if I will be able to deliver normal, but I was super sure about 6 months exclusive breastfeeding (ebf). The very first moment when I saw my little tiny daughter, latching on my breast, I took a sigh of relief.


But soon I realized ebf is not my journey alone, the whole village was all behind me and my husband. Comment like:


She is hungry. (If sucking thumb)

She is hungry. (Seeing her crying)

She must be hungry. (After every pee out of 13-14 pee count per day)

She must be hungry. (Just pooped)

She is hungry. (If she sucks anybody’s finger)

She is hungry. (Sucking her clothes)


Feed her. Feed her. Feed her.


Trust me these are just few major experiences only.


So your breast milk is not enough, you should start formula feed


We (as mother) have given you formula, don’t you look good and healthy. We have had babies too. You both don’t know anything about it.


Such judgments were passed bluntly.


Ask a doctor. Call doctor. Visit doctor.


We tried to convince them, but nothing helped us. Enormous comments were passed. We both were judged that we are not good enough for our own baby.


Just imagine. An immense pressure given by people around, had become a “Mahasangram” for both of us.


The first week was like if we could manage this week,we will be able to through 6 months. And here it comes.

Our first paed gave us chart, 100 ml from both sides in one go(pump…pump…pump). Let’s measure. Vrooom vroom…aah WHAT!!! just 20 ml from both sides. It’s very bad. We were hell disheartened.


(Here I want to mention that why am using WE for ebf??. Though it should have been a Mom’s journey but here Dadda comes into the picture. Because there were moments when I had almost given up, but my husband was super adamant about providing ebf to our baby. And he pulled me through. He was the pillar of my wish of ebf)


My husband said let’s change paed. After few discussions/fights and few calls to friends, we have reached to our new paed Dr. M 🙂


I told her my supply is super low please help. She took me in the cabin, corrected my baby holding position, squeezed and it came out like a fountain. My supply was super good. Trust me, it was the best moment for of us.


We smiled.


She said to me look at your face such pale it is. Go back, pull yourself up, nothing has happened. Feed your baby like a boss.


Since then she has been my favorite. I trust and follow her blindly.


And after that day generally I visited her only for baby’s vaccinations. That’s it.


It’s been 21 months, yes! my daughter is 21 months. I am still breastfeeding. No outside milk has started yet. Not even required as per my Dr. M.


All animals give their milk to their babies. They don’t ask for human milk. Then why the hell we social animals (human being) don’t trust our own production.

“Lines said by Dr. M”



MamaCuddle PWCC Baby Wrap: Product Review

I saw this MamaCuddle PWCC wrap and the owner Inshika, on Insta first time. Then and there only I loved the product. And decided to try it. Within few conversations I received the product for review. Though I loved all available colors. But I loved most is sky blue.


The day I received it. It took my heart away like the first time. It was beautifully packed in so cool bag & the colour of the wrap, was bright pink. Though I expected a light blue, but this color was too good to refuse to. And I was super excited to try it ASAP.


Now, let’s talk about my little one’s reaction. She had never been wrapped in any baby wrap (I own an SSC). Still don’t know how she realized that it’s for her and started giggling and the moment I started tying wrap to put her in, she had already run to me, saying Mumma Mumma. I was just smiling thinking about their instincts. How powerful? Isn’t it?


Anyway, generally to try any new baby carrier, I prefer to take a long walk, so did the same with MamaCuddle. My girl is 20 months now so couldn’t carry for a long time, but for a good 30 minutes. Still, when i was taking her out of the wrap, she started screaming. Just imagine how much she loved it. So here is our experience:


  • MamaCuddle is available in 7 awesome colors, all are so so lovely and vibrant, even for hubbies(who are choosy) to wear!
  • It’s 100% natural fibres & are so breathable, durable and comfortable for any kind of weather conditions.
  • It is an ergonomic wrap which comes at very economical rate. You can check its website MamaCuddle for price and awesome colors.
  • It can be used by birth of your baby till their weight reaches approx 11 kg. (Sad that I come to know about it now when my lo is 20 months)
  • The carrier in itself is so light weight that you can carry it anywhere even while travelling. Takes a super small space to accommodate.
  • It can be washed easily in your washing machine with other clothes and the colour doesn’t run at all.
  • The coolest thing about this PWCC baby wrap is, that it doesn’t come with buckles, snaps or other fasteners. It distributes
  • the weight of your baby really well, so your back and shoulders are not hurt while carrying for longer time.
  • This Mommy Inshika, made it so easy to understand to wear & adjust the fit of your MamaCuddle by varying options how snugly you wrap your baby. Check here.
  • Honestly, I gave up on baby wraps in early months of my little one as I found it very intimidating while tying & found very complex, but after seeing MamaCuddle’s few videos, I could do it in just 3-4 attempts. Am not exaggerating, it’s true. You can find their videos on YouTube.
  • Though very few people know that you can breastfeed your baby in your baby wraps in the super comfortable way. It just needs few practice to understand the manoeuvre. And you will be set for any outings or walks. There will be no fuss.
  • There was a night when my little girl was  super cranky & my husband was travelling and she just didn’t want to sleep. Here comes this wrap though I own other carriers too, but I tried it this time. The moment she came into it, it took just a couple of minutes to get to sleep.

A pinch of salt:

You can’t wear your baby once they cross weight limit. But I will still use for a few minutes to put my baby to sleep as it is so snuggly and huggly.

Overall, I strongly recommend MamaCuddle Baby Wrap to all new Mommies and Mommies with baby less than a year.

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Dare to wait

  1. It was the 40th week when my doctor said you should get admitted in hospital as dilation has not done yet.

Yes, My life was going to change forever. I was not going to be the same person. I was going to enter into Mum’s role. Here I am going to share my delivery experience.

So the moment I was admitted, Asst doctor came and gave me some medicine to induce my pain. It was 11th of October and time 3 PM, I was all prepared but hell anxious too. But my pillar of strength, my husband, was with me. Within 30 minutes I felt very mild pain (On a scale of 10, it was 2/10) in my lower back. It was very bearable but coming and going on 10 minutes interval. So the frequency of pain was making me a little uncomfortable.

Next morning around 10:30, my doctor came and said it’s not dilating so do you want to operate now or would like to wait more for normal delivery. I chose WAIT. Though I was still in that minor pain so far. Now my doctor doubled the dose, in the anticipation to increase my pain. Yes, within 20 minutes my pain and its frequency had been increased as doubled (On a scale of 10, it was 4/10) by now.

If was around 5 PM (12th of October) and by now, I was more discomfort and had started humming as my yoga teacher instructed in prenatal yoga classes. It was helping, but pain was not settling down. Still, I had to wait.

It was 7 PM when my pain shoots up on its highest and now my pain was coming and going on 30 seconds frequency (On a scale of 10, it was 9/10). I was humming and screaming intermittently.

By now my poor husband was hell worried for me. I had threatened him to get divorced by now after all this. Are you not laughing? Am laughing. I was shouting at him to do something, don’t stand up, you can’t ever understand my pain and blah blah. I feel sorry for him that day actually that night.

Whole night, I was screaming and yelling on doctors, nurses and my poor calm & composed husband. In between doctor thought I might dilate anytime so they brought me in labour room. Tried everything what they could have done. But didn’t succeed as I was still did not dilate, it was 4 cm while the clock was tick tocking 4 am. This was the time when my water bag burst. I got panicked now because my doctor was not in the hospital. And It has been 36 hours from now in pain. I was super agitated now.

But as the world says, all Mum goes through this pain so i was. But now is the situation, where my chances to get operated increased more. Then an asst. doctor came to me and said your Doctor will be operating you within 2 hours so you calm down. Calm down!! How still I had to bear this 2 hours of pain (9/10). Only a mother can understand what was going through in my mind.

Exhausted, Frustrated, Tried but didn’t Succeed.

Anyway, the moment my doctor came into the operation theatre, she held my hand & said, “Don’t worry, I am here. Everything is gonna fine.”

It was the time when my tears rolled down in last 36 hours. These words meant to me a lot at that moment. At Least you tried.

I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes, after an hour, my life had changed, I gave birth to a little wonder girl. My husband was standing near to my bed, holding her. How blessed we both felt finding her. It was there first time in last 40 hours when I saw tears in my husband’s eyes.

We were Happy.

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Reflection Post #atozchallenge

It has been few months when I decided to run my blog. Blog, to write, to express, to breathe more, to control my pulse rate. It was a time, when I got to know about #atozchalpange2018.

I just decided to participate and somehow I managed everyday post and survived for the whole challenge. Posted stories everyday without fail. I loved this new me…a warrior and a #survivor.

I started my this official journey with wonderful writers across the world. I can’t tell you how happy I was. Super excited too! I enjoyed writing everyday from the core of my heart. Trust me.


I have learned lot of new things in writing, met so many new people in this journey & moreover got a chance to read wonderful writers.


Thanks team #atozchallange


I am gonna participate next year too, with the hope of my better version of writer.


Till then love and hugs to all my readers, followers and whosoever came and read my blog but couldn’t make a comment/like. Special thanks to Iain Kelly. You can read his stories on this link. l loved his  comments and engagement with my blog too. 


I will be back soon.

Zero to One

This journey she have had achieved, was full with enthusiasm, efforts, mind blending, so tough but not easy at all for her. Whatever it was, she loved it from the core of her heart.

She literally started with zero but had come so far because of the challenges of life. Few souls came into her life to show the enlightening path of life.

She had learned that how to identify different kind of people.

Type 1 was amazingly fake. They had so much to say or criticize behind her back but very less to appreciate her journey.

Type 2 was silent admirer. They appreciated and learned lessons from her journey but very secretly.

Type 3 was like an open book and a wonderful soul. They admitted her efforts, gave their amazing feedbacks, and never left her side.

Interesting isn’t it. But She had chosen to cherished all kind of people on her life. Didn’t let go anybody. End of the day, these are people, whom she belongs to. They all are special.

Journey zero to one (Within few words): She started when she didn’t have any hope. She was standing at the end of pitch dark tunnel. There was no ray of light, she could rely on. But she kept walking. Having trust deep down in heart that it is gonna work out. Things will change. And it actually changed. She has got so many new opportunities, new horizons are opening, and new people she is meeting.

I hope, she find new goal in her life and she keep achieving all. I don’t want her to let any milestone unturned. After all, she is a girl with goal.

It’s the last story if this #atozchallange2018. Hope you have loved my stories.

A big thanks to everyone who followed my series, liked my post/posts, left comment on my blog everyone. I have found a big big appreciation in all your such kind gesture.

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You are born to shine, Kaashvi!

A letter to my 1.5 year old daughter. This She, is a part of me and my heart. A part of my heart which walks, runs and breathe & I can see it smiling and giggling. You make my heart melt like anything. And these days, so much melodrama she makes.

Am sure it happens with every wonderful parents on this Earth. Though I and your Daidda (Dad) is trying hard to prepare you for this beautiful but magical world. Though It doesn’t made up of bed of roses only. There are few realities as per my thought process & experience, I want you to introduce with. Hope anything from it helps you.

Let’s start;

  • You my little girl, have pride in being a girl, a woman. Celebrate yourself, celebrate life. Your gender is never ever gonna stop you, anywhere. (I talked about gender here because you may not see any difference in roles on gender basis at home but outer world gonna show you some other picture, so it’s up to you and I am always gonna trust your decisions, No matter what)

  • A Girl, doesn’t mean all about pink, lavender, tender, sweet, cute or beautiful. In our world, we have been taught mostly to talk nice, walk nice, dance nice & doing everything nice because you are girl. Fuck it. Choose your way in everything. Whatever suits you and makes you comfortable.

  • Don’t be fake ever, whether it’s people or a situation. Don’t hesitate to say, what do you want say. Don’t be nice, where you don’t want to be. Don’t make people happy, just to boost their stupid ego. Let people think about you whatever they want to, it should not harm your peace of mind. Because, always and always, someone gonna dislike you. Just accept it. You can’t be nice to the whole world.

  • Within few years you are gonna part of, this beautiful but ruthless world. And you may gonna feel peer pressure of studies, games, drama, and hell lot of things. It’s up to you again that which one or what is more important to you to be stressed out. As per your priorities feel the pressure. The more you prioritize, the more peaceful your mind will be.

  • Be scared of failure. You are going to be failed one day. You are going to cry, cry and cry whole day and night. You will be doing so much self pity. Trust me so much self pity. Don’t worry I will be there. Cry on my shoulder, wet my clothes with your tears. Everything is ok unless, You take a big leap and stand on your foot back. Give a punch on a face of failure and fight back with full energy. Smash it.

  • Hello! yes you can cry. It’s absolutely fine. It’s fine because you are a human being not because you are a girl. Crying does not make you a weaker person in any way. It helps you, to vent out all toxins and yes, negativity too.

  • Chase your dreams like anything, no matter how small or big it is. Nobody can tell you that you can’t achieve your dream. Nobody means nobody not even me or for that matter you to yourself. Just fix this thing in your mind, please. It is going to help you in long run.

  • And another important thing that life of a girl, doesn’t mean to find a prince charming and lived happily after. There is so much in life to die for, than a prince charming. Make your place in this world, don’t be settled with someone or something only.

  • With the flow of your life, you will be meeting bunch of male chauvinist. And few women holding flag of male chauvinism as well. All these such people are subject to handle carelessly. They should not even exist for you. Just live your life on your own rules. Don’t let other people make decisions for you.

  • I might sound female protagonist in all above points but that doesn’t intent to demean “Men”. Trust me. Don’t ever involve yourself into gender based conversation, competition or any comparison. We all are as unique as our gender identities. Our diversities and differences make us great and useful for each other on humanity ground. Anybody can choose any career, there is no gender discrimination. It’s all about the caliber, talent and hard work, what matters end of the day.


Live your life on your rules and set of values with zeal. Have a very strong thought process of your own, not borrowed. This is what only, I asked for you from the Universe.



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XYZ! I love you

Last couple of stories left of this challenge. And I am feeling that I have come pretty far being new blogger. Anyway, this story is about a very important She of my life, name Vidya but Nickname XYZ. I always wanted to penned down her old school love story but didn’t get chance till today.

Letter X enlightened me by this opportunity.

I was smiling, writing title of this story.You know why? Because it’s a love story of my Mum and Dad. My Mum is around 70 year old and I have lost my father 4 years back. But I always remember him in good memories, funny times, and the love bond he shared with my Mom.

My Dad used to call my Mum Xyz, it’s funny. isn’t it? But My Dad didn’t care ever of anyone. He was a kind of funny lover I am sure. I will start with first day when they met.

Near my house, there is famous Shiva Temple, it’s pretty old. So my Nana-Nani (Grandma-Grandpa) came to visit this temple when my (18 years old) Mom lost her sandals. She got panicked. She had to go back pretty far. My father(24) too was there to visit the same temple when he saw my Mum worrying for her sandals. He went close to her & Nana-Nani, and said that if you don’t mind my home is here just few blocks away. It’s walking distance. My Mum (my Dad’s mom) is home and you can wear her slipper. Nana-Nani agreed.

Once they all reached our home, my mum wore my dad’s mom’s sandals. They we’re about to leave when it starts raining, on request of my dad’s mom, they stayed there till rain stops. It was heavily raining and so far it was dinner preparation time. My mum offered my Dad’s mum, to let her cook the dinner, so far my Dad and Mum had talked a lot by eyes. No single word conversation.

My mom cooked dinner that night and while she was laying the table, My Dad helped her. He must have scored here, am sure. While eating dinner my Dad was love struck, here my Mom scored. After dinner while leaving, My Dad said to My My Nana Nani, “I want to marry your daughter and I will take care of her.”

What? My Nana was smiling, He said, “Yes”. And within 3 months they were married.

My Dad was pretty romantic for that era. He decided that whatever happens we(My mom and My Dad) will go on vacation every year. They followed too this tradition till I was 13 years.

My Mom opted for few teaching exams my Dad was in railways that time. For that time in India, wives were not supposed to be working but My Dad and his family was pretty supportive. In 2nd attempt, My Mum went through in teaching exams, and she got job immediately.

Both were super happy when My mom gave news of being pregnant. On arriving of my elder sister it was 3 day party and open langar (offering free food) for all underprivileged.

Today we are 8 siblings. Am the last child.

Smiling. Ain’t you? 😉

My Mom was super active working women and a wonderful homemaker at the same time. She managed everything with a cheerful personality.

What I remember as a kid, we all celebrated their anniversary every year with full enthusiasm. I would have learned this celebrating small life event from family only.

My Dad was in Government job, when he receiv notice of transfer. He was supposed to go to other state for next 3 years. Though he was allowed to take his family along with but Dad didn’t want leave his unwell Mom (my Daadi) and my Mum to leave her job. He said that he will go alone. Mom ensured that she will take care everything here. She actually managed everything well here.

2 months would have passed when our doorbell rings. It’s our Dad, he was back, we were super happy. I saw a sigh of relief in my mum’s eyes. Dad said that I have resigned from railways, and got another Job. He can’t live without his family.

What sort of love it was? Today I think. He had clarity in his mind that whatever happens he won’t stay away from his family. So old school love. Isn’t it?

Since then my Dad and Mum lived together happily with their small arguments and fights.

They used to eat one meal of a day in same plate. Till the time I remember. They used to color each other’s hairs in their older days. Sunday of every week they used to cook together. I saw them sharing silent love moments many times, even after arriving me.

My Dad might never said, “XYZ, I LOVE YOU”. But tell me after reading this.

Was it really needed? It was all in their actions. No words needed.

They might not perfect for each other. But they loved each other for sure.

Today, when my Dad is not around, my mom still shares her a bite of food with Dads picture everyday.

I want the same kind of love for rest of life. Hope my man is reading it too. You better read it.😇 I am so old schooled type too if it’s about love.

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