Untold Stories

An unfortunate truth about these 2 Mums

Slightly disturbing title? Yes it is. It’s scratching my soul inside that I ever know them.

So here first mum with 2 girls aged 15 & 13 with a BOY 7 years old. The gap between 2nd and 3 child is filled with 2 dead bodies of female foetus 😐. That too with her own choice of wanting boy. No family pressure, no any torcher. am SPEECHLESS.

Let me tell you here she is well educated, from a very well to do family with 4-5 servants, English speaking, trying to give suggestions other women about their life, values and career. My foot.

Go wash you mind first please.

Here comes another Mum of 11 year beautiful daughter and an year old baby boy. She is another well educated, well behaved and from well to do family. Left job after her kids and now full time Mum. Great Nah!!

But in her story she is always a culprit. Rude in laws with full of misbehaving (Husband s) family. She pity on herself a lot. Her husband hits her whevever he wants or he is upset. BINGO!!

How come she developed this “So pity me” feeling. Why doesn’t she takes stand for. Just one step. And all Story will be something else. Isn’t it.

So my idea to share these stories here is not to crib about it. I want to know your opinion that what could be done in this stories to be a fair one.

Please share.

I am just crying writing this article. It’s so so UNFORTUNATE How and when my country will change.


2 thoughts on “An unfortunate truth about these 2 Mums”

  1. Nature takes care of itself. Girls will need to empower themselves, make them financially independent…..rest of things money will take care.
    Wait for 5-10 years we all would long for daughters.

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