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Anmol Meh Dai Review

I received this Meh Dai just a few days back for review with a “Thank you” note from Anmol. Being a babywearing mother (since my lo was 3 months) I was really very happy to try this new product.

When I opened it I loved the colors (navy blue and a beautiful pink). I found that it had pretty long trails comparative to my Anmol SSC which has buckle. After a few attempts I cracked all the ways of tying meh dai.

But the very moment I started tying the waist belt, my little girl Max(16 months) would run to me with a big smile (She loved being wrapped/worn). But immediately after wrapping my toddler it felt like my second skin. It’s so comfortable.

I wore my baby for about 1 hour in meh dai, went to the departmental store. We both were absolutely as happy as in SSC. Here is my personal review over this product:


  • Fabric is so very comfortable, strong and breathable. It in densely hand-woven using pure cotton yarns to give a very good support and sense of security to baby and mommy both.

  • The trick is spreading trails properly and using your creativity with left trails to make it look beautiful.

  • The catch of this beautiful Meh Dai is its flexibility of using it as front, back or hip carry.

  • Padded shoulder belts help in weight distribution for the comfort of baby n Mumma both.

  • Suitable for 1 month to toddlers.

A pinch of salt: What I found

  1. Little tough to wear baby while they are fussy as having long trails take time to be tied.

  2. It takes few attempts to understand what style of wrapping/front/back works for you.


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