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Letter to my younger self

Dear 24 years old Sonia,

Hope you doing good. You know I have completed 36 years 4 Months 36 days today. What a roller coaster ride so far. But you know what today when am thinking about you, & am feeling what kinda wonderful warrior you were. So I thought to write you a ‘Thank you’ letter. Here you go.

Meeting you, I always felt safe, strong & secured.

I still remember that day when you decided to leave your small hometown and searching for job in Delhi. I didn’t know from where you pulled all that courage to declare this in your conservative family. Your Dad and brothers all were against of your this decision and few other family members were neutral. When they all said, why do you want to go Delhi? You didn’t even know if it will be safe. It’s a huge city how you ll manage? What kind of freedom you are looking for?

Though you told them that you want exposure, you want to grow, you don’t belong here, you know that you will do something good with yourself (not if extraordinary but good).

So much scolding, arguments and anger you faced those days but you were adamant to go. And then one fine day while passing from Papa s room…you heard that life changing conversation between your parents….your Mom was saying to Dad- “Let her go we have controlled all children’s life so far (like what they ll study or do in their life), let her do “apne mann ki”(her wish), might be it’s her destiny.” you were like stunned. Your mom was supporting you in disguise. Coming back to your bed i don’t even remember how much you cried.

And the other morning your dad called up and asked to leave very next day with “7 day condition” if you get job within 7 day you can live your life there but if not you ll have to come back. You just said OK.

You went to Delhi with 2 elder sisters, there you had 2 interview with no luck…I still remember your heart was pounding as it was 7th day in Delhi (your tickets were booked for back to home town) when you received call from the HR of 2nd company and on call salary discussion happened and you went through… immediately after that you called up your Dad and said am not coming with a winning smile and your Dad was like ok that means I took a good decision to let you choose your path.

And then you never turned back. Today you are staying in Mumbai living life as you wanted, what you never ever dreamed of.

Today wherever I am! or whatever I am! All because of you. You always feel proud whatever you did that day whatever decision you took that day.

Today its Holi while am in my Home town again like few other old days, you know what..every family member who didn’t support me that time says you took a wonderful decision for yourself. You have made your life better than it ever could be.

Yes it looks a small achievement for many but for you it was fight against prejudice, fight against your comfort zone, fight against small mentality, fight to yourself. And you didn’t let me down.

I say THANKS to you from a deep down heart. And thanks to all female members who supported me in this battle.

Just be you as you are.

Always yours

this older Sonia

This post is a part of #WomensDayBlogParty. I’d like to thank Neetal for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party here.
Also do go to Ananya’s blog post on this link to read her wonderful thoughts on one of the super cool topics that are a part of this blog party


11 thoughts on “Letter to my younger self”

  1. What a lovely recounting of the old days. Your words actually took me to your home listening to that convrsation of your parents. Good going that you have lived your dream.
    Thanks for being a part of our #WomensDayBlogParty. I loved reading your interpretation of the prompt.

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