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LittleWings Full Buckle Review

I am a mother of 17 Months and she loves babywearing. I never knew this concept though I had seen many pictures where tea pluckers are wearing their baby along. But I will wear my baby ever it’s a surprise for me but today it’s only a bliss 😇 for me.

Whenever any carriers arrive for review my little munchkin starts dancing, no exaggeration literally she does that. And sometimes starts crying if am being late in picking her up.

Being a nuclear family it’s another blessing for both of us. We both love wearing our cutie pie.

The moment I opened the parcel from LittleWings for review. I loved the color combination (natural creme and black with shades of red and blue) and mostly loved the weaving style of body panel of this Full Buckle/SSC. They call it Rosella Wrap Convert Full Buckle.

I carried my baby for 2 long hours in it. I and her Dadda went on a long walk carrying her. Here is my personal review over this cute SSC.

Facts I love:

  • Very light weight, comfortable, breathable for both mum n bub. As shoulder and waist belt is made up from linen though panel is made of pure hand-woven fabric.

  • SSCs are meant to carry our baby in ergonomically but natural position.

  • Weight distribution of the baby on our body is equal & even in SSC. In that case front or back carry, any doesn’t put stress on our shoulders.

  • Weight recommended for – Petite to 20kg

  • It’s is so soft structured, snuggy, moldable & so comfortable but priced well.

  • I would suggest to visit their website for more beautiful products and varieties like wrap, ring sling or SSC.

  • Little wings are first in its industry to be tested at The Bombay Textile Research Association.


A pinch of salt: What I found

So the Dadda of #Max is pretty heighted so for him carrying her was little difficult as it was not being fitted properly. Though he carried her too in the same for another half n hour. She was as comfortable as with me.


P.S – This is my honest review post and has not been sponsored by the brand. It was sent to me for review only.


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