Untold Stories

About a girl with no goal

So I am gonna tell you the set of small stories about this girl next door. Let me introduce her. She was the 4th and last child of her parents. She was a mediocre student and have had a mix memories of childhood. When I say ‘mix’ means some to be kept and some she is still struggling to forget.

Anyway mostly I am gonna talk about her good times in this series of stories.

She was always a silent child at home but a bully one in school. You will find the reason of the difference of this 2 side personality in the last stories of this roller coaster ride. She was a girl with no goal in her life so far.

She was a people person. Loved to be surrounded with people who tells her the actual importance of her life or how important she is for them. Rather I should say how important were those people who made her feel so special.

Love and like minded people finds their breed naturally. She also found so many friends and few like family. Though accident happens but that doesn’t mean she stopped believing in people or their intentions. She loved taking risk without thinking about results.

She was risk lover because she never liked a monotonous routine.

After certain point of time she did whatever she liked. Stopped making people happy against her wish.

But today it’s a different day from others. She has been invited in an ceremony to receive this ‘entrepreneur of the year’ award.

She is full with pride and getting ready for the day. She is thinking down the lane how far she had come.

A journey from zero to many miles achieved.

Because she took that one extra step.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. See you tomorrow.


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