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Because she took one more step

Basic intro has been given of this girl so far. She was in class 6th when she realized that she is not a good student. She doesn’t even understand the meaning of a single sentence in her English reader book. She started questing her worth even on that age. Her elder sisters were doing amazing in their classes rather school. They used to be toppers of school. So it was but obvious that teachers and people around also started making her feel that how correct she was about her.

That day it was a last day in her school when her 6th class report card was to be given, her big brother came to pick him up. He saw her report card and said wow you will be going to 7th class. And pick her in up in his arms. That day she felt why he didn’t scold me as marks were pretty low.

Don’t think just move one more step

Nobody at home scolded her. She was surprised that whole year they keep scolding for studies. But what happened now? Anyways she went to her elder sister is and asked the same question. She told her that marks till 8th class are not as important as 9th and 10th.

Hawww!! Then why they kept scolding me. They didn’t even know the reason.

However this question is still an utter surprise for her.

That day she realized that she can’t handle such stupid dialogues of study study study. Score best best. Ufff!!

So she will handle her scores by own studies without anybody’s guidance or lecture. Since then she took an extra step to being more organized, more disciplined, more attentive, more confident to become a better version of herself. Yes! These are the thoughts of 7th grade girl.

After that day she had never been scolded for studies till MBA. Though many hurdles came and gone but never ever been scolded.

Today she is thinking, taking a sip of tea on breakfast table that those every extra step taken by her in all those academic days made her worthwhile today.

Let me tell you that she made very clear that all those academics didn’t help her a bit in her business growth but those days did which made her more disciplined and confident today.

Every bit is countable in you when you have proven yourself to yourself not the world.

So she is Counting her all blessings today.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter B (2/26 story). See you tomorrow…


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