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Counting failure a blessing

When you are on the verge of counting your blessings. You should not miss even a smallest moment that turn into a blessing.


She was also in the same situation. She started with her childhood but now coming to her most dreamy years of teen age.

She was in class 10th when her elder sister was getting married. Her final exams were supposed to be conducted exactly after a month of her sisters marriage.

Everything was fine so far when relatives and guests started visiting for wedding (A big fat Indian wedding ceremony) preparations. One fresh graduate, a good looking guy and a family friend came into the picture. Her first crush of life. As I mentioned it was so dreamy teenage that one sided romantic incidents started happening.

She was in another world in those days. Exams had already taken a back seat in her priority list. And after 2 months of exams, results were out. Naturally result was not as it should have been. She was half broken but happy to have a partner for life. She could do something better after this.

But this was a phone call which changed her life. Guess what another Bingo moment. This guy was talking to one of her family members who was telling him about her result but in between the call the family member passed the phone to her thinking he would console her. But he kept speaking unaware that she was holding phone – what a stupid girl she is? am not gonna talk to her?

She was stunned, speechless, completely shaken. Every dream was broken. Now her bad result was hurting her the most.

What she was feeling that night nobody could explain. The very next morning with a new sun rising, a new she was there.

After that day, the prince charming never existed for her. She knew that there is no more fairy tales. She was gonna write her own story from now.

Love and luck were here by her side today. Life was smiling on her.

Destiny had given the result of her choice today.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter C (3/26) See you tomorrow…


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