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Eternal strength she was made up of

She was forced to go for medical entrance exams but she was adamant. She used to leave the copies blank and knowing the fact that giving right answers might spoil the one deserving candidate’s seat.

Society didn’t stop there. Now she had graduation. She started her journey with half heartedly. She used to go college with no intent to learn, just to be present there. Here she realized that she hated seeing blood, touching animals for dissection. Here she made up her mind completely. Whatever happens she won’t go for medical entrance exams anymore.

Then it was the day of her final years result when she declared in her family that she won’t sit for Medical entrance exams anymore. She wanted to go for some Marketing course. That’s what she wanted to do.

Reactions- so many ifs and buts and so much of scolding happened that day. She had been told that if she won’t to Masters in Biology. Her studies will be stopped. This time she decided to take stand for herself. Okay! – She said.

As most of the Indian kids are not taught or allowed to take their own decisions in life since childhood. She started her ‘no studies’ journey of that year.

Few days were full with disappointment, some with repentance, nobody in her family came to her and supported her decision. So many nights she kept shredding her tears. So many days passed.

Then one fine day her parents called her in their room. And said ok go for it. But only one year will be given to you to proof yourself. If you didn’t get through in any college. You will have to go for Medicals.

Yesss! She said thanks and left the room.

And after 2 years she was one of the 3 toppers in her post graduation.

And and and …here was her family full with pride and joy. She was smiling.

Nobody ever asked about her struggle to survive for that one blank year. Who cares. Only in her low times she used to remember that year.

Anyway it was not a day to be sad but glad. she struggled but all for her dream (one of those dreams).

Her faith in herself didn’t stop her ever.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter E (5/26) See you tomorrow…


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