Untold Stories

Faith in herself was sufficient

She struggled to find her first job. But she just needed a break. She knew that doing studies of her choice was not the end of the story. Actual journey of life was yet to start. She started her career with one of the biggest B2B companies of India. Which was situated in Delhi far away from her hometown.

In her first year of job she met a gentleman in office. Who was preparing for Central government jobs (The most prestigious ones). They both fell in love. She didn’t think much of it anyway. She assumed that the guy is matured enough to take this relationship ahead.

Within a year of their relationship that guy got selected in Civil services exam and was posted in a very small City of India. Still distance didn’t make much difference between these two.

So everything was going really well when one day that guy called her up to tell that his dad’s both kidneys have failed so he will have to go back to his hometown. She said yes you should go.

Within 7 days he called her up saying his family has fixed his marriage with a daughter of reputed and filthy rich Lawyer. He is trying to fix it up but nobody is listening to him. Okay. But she said why didn’t you say No.

Now he started that this judge is offering hell lot of Dowry to his family and they can use this money in his Dad’s medical expenses. As they didn’t have much funds. And there was no other option left for his family.

Pheww!! What she could say when one had made up his mind already. He hung up the phone. Didn’t call her for 6 months. So there was no time for her to even speak anything. Between these months she saw his engagement pictures on social media profiles. She could see no shame in his eyes and. It looked like she never existed for him.

But you know, KARMA IS A BITCH. One day when she was reading novel late night in her rented apartment. Her mobile rang, it was him calling, she picked up but didn’t speak, he was crying on the other side. Crying like hell, She asked what happened? He answered I lost my father I don’t have anyone to share this pain. Can you talk to me for 5 minutes? She didn’t say yes but she didn’t put down the phone either. She kept on listening to him. I am your culprit. Please forgive me and so many other things he said to her that day. She was neither sad nor happy. She was just holding the phone for humanity sake that day.

He made promise to her that now he will marry her only. Will now take any necessary action to do so. But somewhere inside she had no hope left from this relationship.

Anyway within a month she saw his wedding pictures on his social media profiles, looked happy in his all pictures. There was again no guilt was in his eyes.

And that day.

All these months she thought she had been a strong girl. But that day she felt like someone had broken her precious dream made up of glass. She was crying with all her energy, screaming, broken and felt alone. It was good that she was venting out all her emotions left for him, through tears. Sometimes it’s very important to cry out loud.

Soon, she started recovering herself by being extremely busy with work, and reading, spending time with close friends. She had to come out of this for herself only not for anyone else.

Despite such obstacles she never doubted that she wouldn’t reach her goal. For deep in her character was spirit of optimism and belief in herself. A girl born with faith that her story had yet to be written completely.

Picking her sunglasses, car keys and her bag in one hand, smiling on herself…Babe what have you been through!! Bravo 👏

She pulled herself together for her future. The future had a few stories left to be written for her.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter F (6/26) See you tomorrow…


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