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Girl found right friends

She had faith in herself and the future. With the help of this hope. She left house for first job. Good thing about her was she was open for the change and meeting new people. Despite of so many hurdles she didn’t stop trusting people. So whether she was stupid or brave enough to handle people.

Her first one to one with first person as a friend, was pretty dramatic. This new girl.was her colleague. Both were new joiners, in search for girls PG and most importantly from small cities. But our heroine of the story found PG first, so she offered her new friend if she is interested she said Yes. And within a week they were sharing rooms in a PG. Let’s give a name of her friend – Priti! Good nah.

And gradually she started finding really good friends in office. She never thought that one day they all will become vital part of her life. It was almost a gang. Everyday party after office, long drives and lot of much fun what a group of friends shares.

But in all these fun friends she developed a good but calm kind of friendship with a girl from Lucknow. Though these both were a opposite kinda person of each other. This friend Priya was always there for her, to solve her issues whether related to work or anything.

Her I will say Priti played an important role as she was always there with for 24 hrs. She too was always there in her all ups and downs. Lately 3rd new girl Priyanka came.in picture. These 3 were all together always too.

She found herself so lucky in case of friends always. In every step of life she got right friends at the right time so far.

She had worked/fought hard to reach here where she was today. She was not a brilliant student she had to dig for everything. But whenever she made up her mind she retained it. Now she was ready to reap the rewards and satisfaction of her all efforts.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter G (7/26) See you tomorrow…


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