Untold Stories

I am

I am you. I am every girl. I am a girl of dreams. I am a warrior girl. I am not gonna compromise with situation and people. I am ready to fight with every single person or the situation which stops me to touch my dream.

Yes. She was right, she was not a girl with super high IQ, but super EQ (Emotional Quotient). She knew that she was not born with extraordinary life that she had accepted. But she knew very well that she doesn’t belong to that situation or circumstances she was born with. She wanted to write her own story the way she thought.

But when you are not born with super high intelligent brain. You have to fight hard for yourself to make place in this world. It was not gonna be easy even for her.

After leaving that job she decided to do not join anywhere till her marriage. After marriage she had been shifted to another new metro city of India. A city of dreams.

Anyway after a month of love and romance her battle for a new job started again, this time it was another tough. Almost every week she used to go to 4 places for interview out of 5 working days. It was pretty tough this time. She was about to give up when one day an HR called for salary negotiation. Phew! All fixed. New job.

But it was 25 kms away from her home. Everydays 2 hours of traveling and working for 10 hours started taking toll on her health. It’s been 8 months. But she didn’t give up here too. Her husband asked if she wants to shift to closer to her company. She said, not a bad idea, let’s give a try. After office she started looking for an apartment around her office everyday. And she got one nice place, discussed with husband and they started to fulfilling all formalities.


When one day, her CEO of the company called in his cabin. To inform her that company is in debt and can’t afford salary of senior employees and soon will be shut down so please cooperate and start looking for other options. What! She smiled-Are you real! She didn’t feel sad this time. She got up and said humbly- “I will cooperate unless you pay me my full compensation. You too try to understand your employees.” And she left.

She came out of his cabin and was smiling let’s be ready for another battle. I know you won’t let me down. She giggled on talking to herself.

Today, she was smiling too, ear to ear while taking her award. What a splendid journey you have been through.

Just enjoy this moment.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter I (9/26) See you tomorrow…


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