Untold Stories

Just live in this moment

Just enjoy this moment. Where she was today. In between the award ceremony. This whole event was organized was for her. She was chosen an entrepreneur of the year. She never thought that she would come so far. Her all battles, bruises and struggles had been taken its place as if all were designed to come in her way purposefully, to make her more strong and independent.

She was not in complaining mode. That why it happened with me only, because she knew all the answers today. She was actually happy. And Happyness was quite obvious on her face.

She looked around and started thinking again who is the one if she had to choose to give credit to her success. She looked around and didn’t take a second to choose. Because there he was, standing in white crisp shirt with yellow jacket, pairing with black jeans, so casual for his business profile and his wisdom.

Since the day they met, he never tried to change her a bit. Infact he didn’t ask her even to do few things in particular manner. Like she should cook for him or she should prepare his lunch for office and many more things. He never pushed her for. If he ever pushed her, then only to try whatever she wanted to do ever. He was the most important pillar of her success.

She went closer to him, who was busy discussing the most lame thing in this world that some new released movie earned 100 crore in it’s week. She smiled. She whispered in his ear, Thank you.

Keep turning your dreams come true.” He replied.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter J (10/26) See you tomorrow…


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