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Let it go

Sometimes we all use the “let it go” phrase so casually that if we could have done something to resolve the issue, we don’t even try. So she did couple of times without knowing the fact that this situation is repairable. But the moment she understood the fact of the situation, she fixed it immediately.

This story is little close to my heart as I know this girl in person and she actually didn’t give up on the situation and circumstances, what could be done easily.

She had been raised in loving but a violent family. She had seen her father hitting her Mom, Big brothers hitting her sisters or sometimes she too had been hitted.

And she had been sexually abused in her very early age by her own brother. This shameless incident kept happening with her since the day she decided to leave the home.

Most of the time of her childhood she passed in being victimized in situation. But for her early age it was so nerve wrecking too. She kept saying to her let it go. But till when she could have survived with it.

As i mentioned above these two situation could have broken her very easily. The complete family setup was too tough to understand for her or for that matter anyone.

She was 25 when one day she decided to share her pain of harassment with her Mom. She told the whole story to her. Reply from Mom – Don’t tell to anyone else. It may ruined your brother’s life. She was like -What!! Her own life didn’t matter.

That day she thought and decided- It’s not her Mom’s fault. Her Mom didn’t even know how to stop Dad’s male dominating behavior. How she will understand her daughter’s pain. So, she will have to fight for herself.

One day when her Dad tried to hit her Mom in front of her. She pulled all the courage and screamed with her full energy Daddyy!! That’s it stop right now. Whatever is the issue you can talk to Mom. Don’t you dare to hit her.

Guess what? her one raised voice changed her Dad forever. He never hit her Mom again. Though so much drama happened that day within the family.

Now she had to deal with another situation and it was too tough to handle, for her. So she decided that nobody is going to believe her because it was about her own brother from the same Mother. Telling anyone else in the family won’t help much. If somebody reacts, that too they will give him 2-3 slap but her situation is not gonna improve. She refused to stay under the same roof with her brother within her mind. Now she had to think – How she can go out of the home.

Within few days she came up with the idea of doing a professional course and leave house for good job opportunity.

So she did, though it took time of 3 years but she came out of this every night suffering.

Trust me. It was not easy at all. She had learned the real meaning be of let it go.

It took so much energy and perseverance of her, to come out of both situation. It might not be a good idea of leaving home but she did her best in her available limited resources, situation and wisdom.

More power to this “she”.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter L (12/26) See you tomorrow…


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