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Opened arms were welcoming a cute memory

Today I ask her to write her story by herself. As she always welcomed new change and saw a bigger picture in her all stages of life. I wanted to write this story but then thought I may not do the justice. First she hesitated but on forcing she finally agreed. So she will be writing as first person in this story. Hope you will like her efforts too.

I am going to write a Happy story as a best memory of my childhood.

Me, my siblings and my cousins (who used to stay with us in summer vacation) decided to ask Dad to get us few comic books as summer afternoons used be utter boring. As I was the youngest creature amongst all, it was decided by elders that I will go and request Dad. I was n class 6 or 7, I suppose.

Let me give you little background- My Dad was super super strict. No outings after evening. Without permission you can’t step out except schools. Just imagine it was summer. ☺

So I went to Dad and said, “would you like to have a cup of tea?” “Hmmm ok get one cup”, Dad replied. Within 5 minutes she got a cup of tea. Dad took a sip and she was ready for conversation. “Nowadays I, Bhaiya(elder brothers) and Didi(elder sisters) get very bored. We can’t go out also, it’s so sunny nah!” Dad replied, “so you all do your homework”. “All done!” she answered.

“Why don’t you bring us good number of comic books and we will pass these 30 days easily”, She suggested. Somehow some magic happened Dad replied, ok!

Aahh Yayy!! Super Happy siblings standing out of the room shouted.

So within 2 days Dad brought us around 150 comic books on rent. We had to give all back by the end of the month. We were like Wow😱!! All 30 days relieved.

But we all 12 siblings finished the whole lot within 3 days.Funny! Isn’t it.

Now what? Now I had a plan in mind. I told my elder sister. These 150 books we can give it on rent to our society’s kids. And whatever money we will earn we will take few books on rent for us. BINGO!!!

Elder brother came to her, “Chal ice cream khate hain.(Les have ice cream)” I was smiling ear to ear.

We all executed the plan successfully and our rest of the summer holidays went pretty well.

I love this memory the most.



Note: Thanks to my writer friend who gave me the opportunity to express.

Places, people and planning had changed a lot in her.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter O (15/26) See you tomorrow…


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