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Stop suffering, raise your voice

That doesn’t mean she didn’t suffer ever. She suffered whole life in different phase of life. But she never gave up on anything whatever tried to pull her down. Atleast tried.

Soon she understood that this groase (read previous story) type of people exist in this world only. It was her first time of life when she was handling everything on her own. From getting your early in the morning to ending up her day cooking dinner for herself. No mommy voice around, nobody was there to scold her or give instruction before anything new.

This way she discovered more about herself. She didn’t ever realise that what is her caliber. With ups and downs, on every fall she stood up with double energy.

There was a male manager in same deptt., but different team, in her office who used to keep trying on new joinee girls. She used to see how few new girls, within couple of months, getting promoted or getting their salaries double. She saw, but didn’t pay attention, thinking, good for them.

One day she received a mail that she has been shifted in this man’s team. She tried to stop this but couldn’t.

So in lack of options she started working with him.

When on day, he came in her cubicle, put hand on her shoulder, asking how’s work going? If she is fine in new project or not. She said, “Mr. manager, (calling name) please maintain the decorum. You can ask the same question without touching me.” He just got flustered and left the place immediately. Before this nobody had reacted in such way.

Very next day, he met her in office cafeteria. It was lunchtime so hell crowded. All of sudden she felt someone’s hand on her neck this time, trying to feel her up, she turned with rage and it was him. She shouted with her lungs out on him in fully crowded cafeteria. How dare you touch me, I warned you, one more time and I will not feel bad, giving you tight slap on your face. Done ever do this again.

And she left.

Since then she found him, speaking gently but from a one hand distance.

This shortcut was not for her. She was not ready to compromise in any situation.

Try this, you will never fail.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter S (19/26) See you tomorrow…


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