#atozChallenge, Untold Stories

Victory, well deserved

She opted for an intercollege dance competition where all the state champions college took part too. She was not a well trained dancer but she loved dancing it was one of her dream to learn classical dance but couldn’t.

She had dreamt of herself, performing on stage in front of full stadium, many times. But all dreams does not turn into reality and it was one of them. She could not manage to learn any.

Anyway, let’s talk about the competition only. It was huge platform for anyone, who loves dancing. How come she got herself registered. No she didn’t apply. She had been nominated by her college principal Ms Damini Mukherjee for this competition. So, Ms Damini saw her dance in a college event. She was so happy.

She had started preparations. It was a group dance. She had only 20 days for preparation. She had chosen 2 girls and one more had to be chosen.

She saw, a girl with little different attitude, it was first time when she was noticing her. Her name was Puja. She asked Puja to join her in dance. She had seen her dancing in Fresher Intro party. Puja told her that her Dad is pretty strict and will not allow her to go for it. As practice may need lot of time. She said, “Puja, I will talk to your Dad.” Let’s got to your home today.

She met her Dad, said something really convincing to him and he got agreed.

As Puja was not allowed to go out for practicing. She made all the arrangements at Puja’s home for practicing. Everyone from the group used to come from far away places. So, after 3-4 days, other participants started objecting though she too used to come from pretty far. So, she managed to have conversation with Puja and convinced her to come for practice to other’s places too.

Everything went well till the day of finale.

It was a day, they all were nervous hell. It was too crowded. So many students from different colleges across the state. Finally, their turn came, and they performed like nobody was watching. So many appreciation, clapping, standing ovation, personal comments, they were overloaded with love and love.

They had been interviewed for that awesome performance. They got printed in local newspapers too.

Pretty obvious, they won the first prize. Everyone was so happy, when Puja came to She and said Thanks for the push. Without I would have not been able to reach here. She hugged Puja and said let’s be friends for life.

And they are still friends after a decade.

This ultimate winning was Victory, well deserved for her wisdom.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter V (22/26) See you tomorrow…


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