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XYZ! I love you

Last couple of stories left of this challenge. And I am feeling that I have come pretty far being new blogger. Anyway, this story is about a very important She of my life, name Vidya but Nickname XYZ. I always wanted to penned down her old school love story but didn’t get chance till today.

Letter X enlightened me by this opportunity.

I was smiling, writing title of this story.You know why? Because it’s a love story of my Mum and Dad. My Mum is around 70 year old and I have lost my father 4 years back. But I always remember him in good memories, funny times, and the love bond he shared with my Mom.

My Dad used to call my Mum Xyz, it’s funny. isn’t it? But My Dad didn’t care ever of anyone. He was a kind of funny lover I am sure. I will start with first day when they met.

Near my house, there is famous Shiva Temple, it’s pretty old. So my Nana-Nani (Grandma-Grandpa) came to visit this temple when my (18 years old) Mom lost her sandals. She got panicked. She had to go back pretty far. My father(24) too was there to visit the same temple when he saw my Mum worrying for her sandals. He went close to her & Nana-Nani, and said that if you don’t mind my home is here just few blocks away. It’s walking distance. My Mum (my Dad’s mom) is home and you can wear her slipper. Nana-Nani agreed.

Once they all reached our home, my mum wore my dad’s mom’s sandals. They we’re about to leave when it starts raining, on request of my dad’s mom, they stayed there till rain stops. It was heavily raining and so far it was dinner preparation time. My mum offered my Dad’s mum, to let her cook the dinner, so far my Dad and Mum had talked a lot by eyes. No single word conversation.

My mom cooked dinner that night and while she was laying the table, My Dad helped her. He must have scored here, am sure. While eating dinner my Dad was love struck, here my Mom scored. After dinner while leaving, My Dad said to My My Nana Nani, “I want to marry your daughter and I will take care of her.”

What? My Nana was smiling, He said, “Yes”. And within 3 months they were married.

My Dad was pretty romantic for that era. He decided that whatever happens we(My mom and My Dad) will go on vacation every year. They followed too this tradition till I was 13 years.

My Mom opted for few teaching exams my Dad was in railways that time. For that time in India, wives were not supposed to be working but My Dad and his family was pretty supportive. In 2nd attempt, My Mum went through in teaching exams, and she got job immediately.

Both were super happy when My mom gave news of being pregnant. On arriving of my elder sister it was 3 day party and open langar (offering free food) for all underprivileged.

Today we are 8 siblings. Am the last child.

Smiling. Ain’t you? 😉

My Mom was super active working women and a wonderful homemaker at the same time. She managed everything with a cheerful personality.

What I remember as a kid, we all celebrated their anniversary every year with full enthusiasm. I would have learned this celebrating small life event from family only.

My Dad was in Government job, when he receiv notice of transfer. He was supposed to go to other state for next 3 years. Though he was allowed to take his family along with but Dad didn’t want leave his unwell Mom (my Daadi) and my Mum to leave her job. He said that he will go alone. Mom ensured that she will take care everything here. She actually managed everything well here.

2 months would have passed when our doorbell rings. It’s our Dad, he was back, we were super happy. I saw a sigh of relief in my mum’s eyes. Dad said that I have resigned from railways, and got another Job. He can’t live without his family.

What sort of love it was? Today I think. He had clarity in his mind that whatever happens he won’t stay away from his family. So old school love. Isn’t it?

Since then my Dad and Mum lived together happily with their small arguments and fights.

They used to eat one meal of a day in same plate. Till the time I remember. They used to color each other’s hairs in their older days. Sunday of every week they used to cook together. I saw them sharing silent love moments many times, even after arriving me.

My Dad might never said, “XYZ, I LOVE YOU”. But tell me after reading this.

Was it really needed? It was all in their actions. No words needed.

They might not perfect for each other. But they loved each other for sure.

Today, when my Dad is not around, my mom still shares her a bite of food with Dads picture everyday.

I want the same kind of love for rest of life. Hope my man is reading it too. You better read it.😇 I am so old schooled type too if it’s about love.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter X (24/26) See you tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “XYZ! I love you”

  1. Very good and yes….he did not need the words.
    Btw words constitute only 30 percent of communication.
    Best of luck.


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