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You are born to shine, Kaashvi!

A letter to my 1.5 year old daughter. This She, is a part of me and my heart. A part of my heart which walks, runs and breathe & I can see it smiling and giggling. You make my heart melt like anything. And these days, so much melodrama she makes.

Am sure it happens with every wonderful parents on this Earth. Though I and your Daidda (Dad) is trying hard to prepare you for this beautiful but magical world. Though It doesn’t made up of bed of roses only. There are few realities as per my thought process & experience, I want you to introduce with. Hope anything from it helps you.

Let’s start;

  • You my little girl, have pride in being a girl, a woman. Celebrate yourself, celebrate life. Your gender is never ever gonna stop you, anywhere. (I talked about gender here because you may not see any difference in roles on gender basis at home but outer world gonna show you some other picture, so it’s up to you and I am always gonna trust your decisions, No matter what)

  • A Girl, doesn’t mean all about pink, lavender, tender, sweet, cute or beautiful. In our world, we have been taught mostly to talk nice, walk nice, dance nice & doing everything nice because you are girl. Fuck it. Choose your way in everything. Whatever suits you and makes you comfortable.

  • Don’t be fake ever, whether it’s people or a situation. Don’t hesitate to say, what do you want say. Don’t be nice, where you don’t want to be. Don’t make people happy, just to boost their stupid ego. Let people think about you whatever they want to, it should not harm your peace of mind. Because, always and always, someone gonna dislike you. Just accept it. You can’t be nice to the whole world.

  • Within few years you are gonna part of, this beautiful but ruthless world. And you may gonna feel peer pressure of studies, games, drama, and hell lot of things. It’s up to you again that which one or what is more important to you to be stressed out. As per your priorities feel the pressure. The more you prioritize, the more peaceful your mind will be.

  • Be scared of failure. You are going to be failed one day. You are going to cry, cry and cry whole day and night. You will be doing so much self pity. Trust me so much self pity. Don’t worry I will be there. Cry on my shoulder, wet my clothes with your tears. Everything is ok unless, You take a big leap and stand on your foot back. Give a punch on a face of failure and fight back with full energy. Smash it.

  • Hello! yes you can cry. It’s absolutely fine. It’s fine because you are a human being not because you are a girl. Crying does not make you a weaker person in any way. It helps you, to vent out all toxins and yes, negativity too.

  • Chase your dreams like anything, no matter how small or big it is. Nobody can tell you that you can’t achieve your dream. Nobody means nobody not even me or for that matter you to yourself. Just fix this thing in your mind, please. It is going to help you in long run.

  • And another important thing that life of a girl, doesn’t mean to find a prince charming and lived happily after. There is so much in life to die for, than a prince charming. Make your place in this world, don’t be settled with someone or something only.

  • With the flow of your life, you will be meeting bunch of male chauvinist. And few women holding flag of male chauvinism as well. All these such people are subject to handle carelessly. They should not even exist for you. Just live your life on your own rules. Don’t let other people make decisions for you.

  • I might sound female protagonist in all above points but that doesn’t intent to demean “Men”. Trust me. Don’t ever involve yourself into gender based conversation, competition or any comparison. We all are as unique as our gender identities. Our diversities and differences make us great and useful for each other on humanity ground. Anybody can choose any career, there is no gender discrimination. It’s all about the caliber, talent and hard work, what matters end of the day.


Live your life on your rules and set of values with zeal. Have a very strong thought process of your own, not borrowed. This is what only, I asked for you from the Universe.



Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter Y (25/26) See you tomorrow…


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