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Zero to One

This journey she have had achieved, was full with enthusiasm, efforts, mind blending, so tough but not easy at all for her. Whatever it was, she loved it from the core of her heart.

She literally started with zero but had come so far because of the challenges of life. Few souls came into her life to show the enlightening path of life.

She had learned that how to identify different kind of people.

Type 1 was amazingly fake. They had so much to say or criticize behind her back but very less to appreciate her journey.

Type 2 was silent admirer. They appreciated and learned lessons from her journey but very secretly.

Type 3 was like an open book and a wonderful soul. They admitted her efforts, gave their amazing feedbacks, and never left her side.

Interesting isn’t it. But She had chosen to cherished all kind of people on her life. Didn’t let go anybody. End of the day, these are people, whom she belongs to. They all are special.

Journey zero to one (Within few words): She started when she didn’t have any hope. She was standing at the end of pitch dark tunnel. There was no ray of light, she could rely on. But she kept walking. Having trust deep down in heart that it is gonna work out. Things will change. And it actually changed. She has got so many new opportunities, new horizons are opening, and new people she is meeting.

I hope, she find new goal in her life and she keep achieving all. I don’t want her to let any milestone unturned. After all, she is a girl with goal.

It’s the last story if this #atozchallange2018. Hope you have loved my stories.

A big thanks to everyone who followed my series, liked my post/posts, left comment on my blog everyone. I have found a big big appreciation in all your such kind gesture.

Read the whole series of all 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge2018 on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter Z (26/26) See you at the other side of blogging life.


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