MamaCuddle PWCC Baby Wrap: Product Review

I saw this MamaCuddle PWCC wrap and the owner Inshika, on Insta first time. Then and there only I loved the product. And decided to try it. Within few conversations I received the product for review. Though I loved all available colors. But I loved most is sky blue.


The day I received it. It took my heart away like the first time. It was beautifully packed in so cool bag & the colour of the wrap, was bright pink. Though I expected a light blue, but this color was too good to refuse to. And I was super excited to try it ASAP.


Now, let’s talk about my little one’s reaction. She had never been wrapped in any baby wrap (I own an SSC). Still don’t know how she realized that it’s for her and started giggling and the moment I started tying wrap to put her in, she had already run to me, saying Mumma Mumma. I was just smiling thinking about their instincts. How powerful? Isn’t it?


Anyway, generally to try any new baby carrier, I prefer to take a long walk, so did the same with MamaCuddle. My girl is 20 months now so couldn’t carry for a long time, but for a good 30 minutes. Still, when i was taking her out of the wrap, she started screaming. Just imagine how much she loved it. So here is our experience:


  • MamaCuddle is available in 7 awesome colors, all are so so lovely and vibrant, even for hubbies(who are choosy) to wear!
  • It’s 100% natural fibres & are so breathable, durable and comfortable for any kind of weather conditions.
  • It is an ergonomic wrap which comes at very economical rate. You can check its website MamaCuddle for price and awesome colors.
  • It can be used by birth of your baby till their weight reaches approx 11 kg. (Sad that I come to know about it now when my lo is 20 months)
  • The carrier in itself is so light weight that you can carry it anywhere even while travelling. Takes a super small space to accommodate.
  • It can be washed easily in your washing machine with other clothes and the colour doesn’t run at all.
  • The coolest thing about this PWCC baby wrap is, that it doesn’t come with buckles, snaps or other fasteners. It distributes
  • the weight of your baby really well, so your back and shoulders are not hurt while carrying for longer time.
  • This Mommy Inshika, made it so easy to understand to wear & adjust the fit of your MamaCuddle by varying options how snugly you wrap your baby. Check here.
  • Honestly, I gave up on baby wraps in early months of my little one as I found it very intimidating while tying & found very complex, but after seeing MamaCuddle’s few videos, I could do it in just 3-4 attempts. Am not exaggerating, it’s true. You can find their videos on YouTube.
  • Though very few people know that you can breastfeed your baby in your baby wraps in the super comfortable way. It just needs few practice to understand the manoeuvre. And you will be set for any outings or walks. There will be no fuss.
  • There was a night when my little girl was  super cranky & my husband was travelling and she just didn’t want to sleep. Here comes this wrap though I own other carriers too, but I tried it this time. The moment she came into it, it took just a couple of minutes to get to sleep.

A pinch of salt:

You can’t wear your baby once they cross weight limit. But I will still use for a few minutes to put my baby to sleep as it is so snuggly and huggly.

Overall, I strongly recommend MamaCuddle Baby Wrap to all new Mommies and Mommies with baby less than a year.

P.SThis is my review post and has not been sponsored by the brand. It was sent to me for review only.


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