My EBF Journey #BreastfeedingWeek

Unlike all new parents, we were hell anxious about what is going to happen once our baby arrives.


I wasn’t sure if I will be able to deliver normal, but I was super sure about 6 months exclusive breastfeeding (ebf). The very first moment when I saw my little tiny daughter, latching on my breast, I took a sigh of relief.


But soon I realized ebf is not my journey alone, the whole village was all behind me and my husband. Comment like:


She is hungry. (If sucking thumb)

She is hungry. (Seeing her crying)

She must be hungry. (After every pee out of 13-14 pee count per day)

She must be hungry. (Just pooped)

She is hungry. (If she sucks anybody’s finger)

She is hungry. (Sucking her clothes)


Feed her. Feed her. Feed her.


Trust me these are just few major experiences only.


So your breast milk is not enough, you should start formula feed


We (as mother) have given you formula, don’t you look good and healthy. We have had babies too. You both don’t know anything about it.


Such judgments were passed bluntly.


Ask a doctor. Call doctor. Visit doctor.


We tried to convince them, but nothing helped us. Enormous comments were passed. We both were judged that we are not good enough for our own baby.


Just imagine. An immense pressure given by people around, had become a “Mahasangram” for both of us.


The first week was like if we could manage this week,we will be able to through 6 months. And here it comes.

Our first paed gave us chart, 100 ml from both sides in one go(pump…pump…pump). Let’s measure. Vrooom vroom…aah WHAT!!! just 20 ml from both sides. It’s very bad. We were hell disheartened.


(Here I want to mention that why am using WE for ebf??. Though it should have been a Mom’s journey but here Dadda comes into the picture. Because there were moments when I had almost given up, but my husband was super adamant about providing ebf to our baby. And he pulled me through. He was the pillar of my wish of ebf)


My husband said let’s change paed. After few discussions/fights and few calls to friends, we have reached to our new paed Dr. M 🙂


I told her my supply is super low please help. She took me in the cabin, corrected my baby holding position, squeezed and it came out like a fountain. My supply was super good. Trust me, it was the best moment for of us.


We smiled.


She said to me look at your face such pale it is. Go back, pull yourself up, nothing has happened. Feed your baby like a boss.


Since then she has been my favorite. I trust and follow her blindly.


And after that day generally I visited her only for baby’s vaccinations. That’s it.


It’s been 21 months, yes! my daughter is 21 months. I am still breastfeeding. No outside milk has started yet. Not even required as per my Dr. M.


All animals give their milk to their babies. They don’t ask for human milk. Then why the hell we social animals (human being) don’t trust our own production.

“Lines said by Dr. M”



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