7 ways to make the best first impression

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

According to many studies, it has been inferred that your first seven seconds are going to leave a lifetime impression on the other person you are interacting with. By keeping few thing in your mind and improving your gestures you can win make a phenomenal impact.

In first seven second, you can make someone feel comfortable and trust you. In this time period, they decide whether they want to take it forward with you or not.

Try these super seven ways to increase the impact you make.

1. Be mindful of your appearance

Clothes, hair, accessories or shoes play an important role in your first impression when you are meeting someone for the first time. From head to toe, you have to be super sure that all these elements are making you presentable and make your presence felt.

2. Be Punctual

Always be on time when you are meeting someone first time. Be punctual anyway. Being on time is like paying respect to others and their time. Even it is for a few minutes, being late puts off people. Account buffer time to avoid traffic delays or any other hassles. Punctuality increases the possibility of scoring high for any important appointment.

3. Be attentive of your body language

Your body language plays another important role in your initial meeting. It has been proven that it influences your first impression four times more than any other factor. Keeping head straight, firm handshake, good eye contact and a genuine smile will help you score better always.

4. Keep your eyes off your mobile

In between your conversation, avoid looking at your mobile whether it is a message or taking call. Using your mobile during meetings portrays that you are not paying respect and attention to the other person. Whether it is your first meeting or regular catch-up, it is big No No, using mobile.

5. Initiating the conversation

It may be a little awkward for both when you meet for the first time. Being first one to start the conversation will always leave a good impression on the other. A small conversation will help you to loosen-up. The initial conversations can be about the weather, a game you watched over the weekend, Netflix or a movie you watched.

6. Be mindful of the basic manners

“Please,” “Thank you,” or “After you” are the basic but wonder words. Using all this but at appropriate places will help you score better than anybody else. Being humble with good basic manners will always put you ahead. So next time never ignore these basic words whether it is a first or a regular meeting.

7. Be your original self

Mostly people become conscious when meeting someone for the first time. Keep reminding yourself that you are absolutely fine. Taking a few deep breaths, relax and be your awesome self. It will make everyone else comfortable in your company.

Now when you know all these super seven ways to make a first but lasting impression, go and conquer!


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