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ABCD of Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

A to Z blogging challenge had always been close to my heart as its my 2nd year of participation, in one way i am renewing my blog too. It’s been months that i have not written anything on my blog except few reviews.



I realised last year only that i do love writing on women, about women as it comes from the heart of a woman. Last year i wrote stories about women of my life whether it was me or any closer woman of my life.


So this year too i have decided to take on my understanding of womanhood, from my perspective wholeheartedly that too with a small story about one woman every time. My this year’s theme is ABCD of Womanhood.


My first letter A is coming from Audacious womanhood.

Audacious womanhood

A woman who is what, is required at that time.


It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman


-Maya Angelou


I will start with a woman who was a part of my childhood life. I used to call her ‘Amma’ she was my nanny for few years but was always close to my heart since i met her last year in my hometown.


Her husband was a super alcholic man with no money earned. She took care of her kid and home and her stupid husband too. When a woman made decision, thing takes its place by itself. There will be no hue and cry.


She used to be my nanny and our househelp. She was super good in her stuff. My family helped her in all possible way. But the best thing i loved about her since my childhood was, her self respect that she never compromised.


She was a woman of her words. She loved me unconditionally. She did all that care for me what a mother only can do. As my Mom used to go to work, she was the one after her who loved me unconditionally and always called me by first name. She was one of those women who has special place in my heart and will always be the same.


I am dedicating my first post of A2Z challenge to my ‘Amma’. She is no more in this world. But am sure if she could ever understand how much i love and respect her.


I send my love to this Audacious woman of my life.


I feel that i have learned from her that how to keep yourself grounded in any situation or circumstances and stay strong.


This post is part of A to Z blogging challenge.



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