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Breachy Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

I do find a woman, is fun, who break the stereotypes and choose the path of her heart. And take those extra steps to go ahead from the rule makers and becomes a rule breaker.


Where are these people who are busy in making rules, putting boundaries or stopping anyone whether it is man or woman. But here i am talking about women only so will take note about her today.

I know a girl who was always shy and introvert, dark skin (made her less for society assumed by The Society), an average student, in total an average person for the public or you can say society.


But whenever she was with her best friend (Madhu), she was smiling, giggling, fierce, risk taker, believer in romance, everything you can imagine a lively person could be. No! She was not lesbian. She was in her original persona with her best friend because Madhu never judged her by her looks or her average performance in classroom.


I noticed that she was always calm and composed in front of her family because they always made a point to made her feel that she is less in every possible thing of life. Isn’t it unfortunate? Yes! she was always judged by her closer ones.


Anyway all keeps going on when one day, her family found a better guy for her looks. They immediately got her married with him and Tata Bye Bye!!


Months kept going on when,


Her family received a call one day, from an unknown number that your daughter has been getting physically abused and tortured by the groom family please come and save her.


They went, broke her marriage and got her divorced.




But Now after few years the same girl again started becoming problem for the family, yes! her very so called own family. She started working. Now, her earnings made everybody happy because she didn’t have any responsibility like family or baby. She always helped everyone financially within the family whenever needed. She did not say a single word. Ahh!! Am in tears writing this story.


But here comes the twist, So far, nobody was bothered about her feelings. What she thinks or what she feels, was not found by anyone. When one day the same Shy girl said – “I have found a suitable man. Who loves ME, not my looks or money. So here am getting married, you all please come and wish me luck for my beautiful married life.”



(FAMILY and SOCIETY talking and discussing)

(What a bitch she is? How she found a man so early after getting divorced that too within “5 years” such a less time? She must be like loose character only that is why her groom’s family would have beaten her up? She deserved all those torcher…huh!! )


Thank GOD!!


She took her own step and didn’t wait for longer to get married again. They always judged her and was going to judge her for the rest of her life. So take a deep breath and stay happy girl.


THE SAME FAMILY never gave her a well deserving love, respect and support. But ready to judge her always since her childhood.


(This is one of the story but not truth of all average looking woman but just imagine the pain of heart what she must have gone through all these years)


She broke the rules and took a step for herself. A step towards happiness, love, respect and good life.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDof Womanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter B (2/26) See you tomorrow…



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