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Classy and Sassy Womanhood #atozchallenge

Be what you want, do what you want to do, say what you want to say, like you want to like. It’s not an order or command but a rule of life that “there is no Rule book to live your life” a small punchline told me by a near and dear one. Isn’t it life changing? So try not to take any stress on anything, anything means anything, you would have not done as you should have done as per conventional rules. I really mean it.

Stay classy and a sassy woman that you are in real.

Don’t do, say, like, or be a person that you are not for someone else. This someone could be anyone like family, friends or even a soulmate. Be at your best.

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I have realised that people like a woman with opinion, style, choice and a strong thought process. This woman is actually more respected and loved than a woman changing herself for others momentary happiness.


So here i start my story about this woman of my life, Name P. When first time i saw this girl she was around 26. This was a rainy day in Mumbai when I went to her place for a small get together with my family because she is friend of a family member. I would love to explain her looks little here – very long hairs, beautiful eyes, a big beautiful smile, a silver anklet in one leg, a smoke in her left hand standing next to window and a lot of attitude on her face. (Here i am really not promoting her smoking habit). She was looking a storm with beauty in herself. Trust me. If i would have man i could have done better justice with explaining looks here.


Anyway the very same day she was shifting from a place to another one closer by. We and her other available friends helped her in shifting and then we sat first for lunch.


And after that we started meeting little more. Sometimes she dropped in to our place. It has been more than 7 years now knowing her. Now i feel that i do understand her little. We are not close friends but i really feel connected with her because of her own persona.


She is the woman who loves fiercely, deeply and from the bottom of her heart. There is no if or but, in liking someone whether its friend or date. She does anything out of the way whatever she wants to do. She left few super good jobs because of her stagnant routine or sometimes she must have not adjusted as she would have asked for in corporate. She fights her own battle but at the same time, doesn’t feel weak in sharing her pain with anyone.


She dated few men in all these years but she got stuck with one. Who was comparatively less attractive for her looks but was super supportive always, who loves the real her and did not intent to change her ever. She didn’t wait for long to lose this guy. She used her wisdom and lived her life with him happily.


Because all the men before him she dated were really handsome, attractive and romantic to some extent. But there was huge gap in those guys looks and their thought process. All these men didn’t have balance between what do they say and what do they want. They fell in love with her for her looks only but couldn’t handle the classy but super sassy woman in her.


It is really tough to handle a woman with opinion, it takes real courage to be with them and giving them their well deserving love and respect.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter C (3/26) See you tomorrow…



1 thought on “Classy and Sassy Womanhood #atozchallenge”

  1. We could all benefit from this reminder I think – it’s so important to live the lives we want to live, on our terms.


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