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Diligent Womanhood #atozchallenge

The diligent woman aspire for more. She is never sacred of hard work. She never stops caring for her family friends or loved ones. She is a wife, mother, helper, lover and many more role you can imagine a woman plays in our life.

In this journey of ABCD of womanhood am not asking for feel pity on women at all. As i said in my first post i am glad that i have been through these brave women in my life. They left their mark on my heart so badly that i couldn’t resist thinking or writing about them. I have made them part of my this journey. Or you can say it’s kind of tribute to all women of my life.

Diligent Womanhood

Today am going to write a story about this woman name Meera(Name Changed from reality) lives in Mumbai, India. Though Mumbai has 2 sides of life. One is full of glamour and the other is underground, under appreciated, and unidentified. It is from the other side of the city called slums. So this Meera had 2 sisters and a brother, she was grown in very low income family, somehow she finished her 10th class and then she started working in a textile company, there she met this guy who was gentleman and paid respect to all women. She fell in love with him and got married against her family.

She did not leave work as her husband was also on low pay scale. Both really worked hard to sustain their life. But gradually she got to know that her in laws didn’t like her working. So for their wish she left the job. But immediately she felt she had made a mistake. Her husband’s mom started torturing her physically and emotionally but she didn’t lose temper ever. During this scenario she got pregnant and had her first baby. Her Mother n law made her work really really hard and gave her very less to eat these days of pregnancy, it was super hard to work without food that too in last month of pregnancy.instead her mother n law pushed to her to go back to her mother’s place to get the hospital expenses done by her family. But she said she won’t go back for money thing whatever situation will be here i will stay with my husband only. She never complained about all this with her husband so h was all clueless these days when one day his Mom pushed him and Meera out of her home, saying i don’t want to bear your wife’s expenses.


They were all broken financially and emotionally both, they took a shared slum room with a cotton cloth curtain as partition with another family in neighborhood. After settling here the very same day she delivered her first child in municipal hospital. Still they needed money initially. Her husband took money on credit from a local rowdy mafia as they did not have any option left. But within a month this mafia started threatening them that he wants his money back.


In this case this lady Meera requested him that they will give his money in installments by next month.


And Now she started working with a month old baby carrying her everywhere with her. She did cleaning floor, cleaning utensil, dusting, washing clothes everything everywhere her a month old daughter was there. And her husband’s hand hers hard work started paying off gradually with an year they shifted to small but better place and there she had another 2 child on 3 years of gap.


She did not let her be down in all these down days. She kept fighting and still working for her and her kids better life. I am not saying that her husband was not working hard but in this society where women are not well respected and well appreciated, she was with her husbands side all the time.


This woman’s story really touched me. And made me realise how blessed we are and how unthankful we behave sometimes. I wish all the good luck and prosperity for this woman.



Hope you liked this story of a diligent woman. Please leave your comment below.





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