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Euphoric Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

A woman goes through so much of emotions everyday. Most of the times it is extreme. Whether its joy or a dull moment. We over think things like digging deeper n deeper and churn the whole situation to such extent that we start feeling that we might be the reason of this situation. But we need to understand that this is not the end of life.


Living in the moment is Euphoria. This Euphoric moment is happening now and will never come back after today. Live here, now and live it completely. As I said in my previous post that there no rule book on how to live you life. It’s super true.

Euphoric Womanhood

I have been thinking about this woman of my life since the day I know her. I have been introduced to her too after my marriage only. That means since it’s been 7 years knowing her and we would have met around 15-20 times. Keeping the fact that this woman too is my family friend. I got to know about her from them too.


She was one of those topper student and every teacher’s favorite student till her last day of college. As per the sources I know that she has been discussed by her old teachers still today. It’s been more than a decade her leaving the college. She was very well paid woman also as her intelligence was inspired from excellence. She was super good in her work too. Whether it house chores or office. She made a mark everywhere.


Then she met with a guy and found a soulmate in him and started her married life. They really get along well. After couple of years she delivered a baby boy, she named him after her favorite cartoon show.


Everything was going well.


When one day a thought made her life shaky. The thought was that what’s the purpose of her life. Why she running everyday but not reaching anywhere. Yes her days were really running. She used to wake up with force of back to back work. She was not sleeping well too. As after all the household and office work, there was something she put that too in her plate was PhD.


Not it was the alarming time that she need to be little slow and content in the Now moment. Being a top performer, made her being greedy to be on top in every place of life. I might be wrong but I just felt that she needed to take a step back. Her health was on toss.


But she is a real warrior woman as I told you. She took everything in her hand again. Did not give up. Took a step back and started living in the moment. Now she takes care of her health, family, work. She has opted out few things out of her routine as per the priority list.


These days knowing about her, talking to her made me feel glad that how does she handle everything so nicely. Her fighter spirit is the only reason that her face keeps glowing with her very own aura.


She sparkles like stars. She giggles like flowing water and talks like an superwoman. I am so proud of her. This feeling of happiness called Euphoria.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter E (5/26) See you tomorrow…



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