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Graceful Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

Woman with grace is a woman with crown on her head. A graceful woman walks like a queen, talks with wisdom, loves like god and hates like drifting someone apart. But at the very same time she is grounded and deep rooted to her real self. In 2 words “Perfectly Imperfect”.

graceful womanhood

Today I will keep my story really very short but as real as I m!

This girl from a small city, had always high expectation from herself. She always kept her standards high. Good in academics, Good in looks, good in communication, good in cultural activities. She was bunch of a wonderful package.

She was completing her MBA in New Delhi. When one day from her college a prestigious company came for campus recruitment. First company visit, she was first student who went through. Immediately after college she joined XYZ company (Name not mentioning). Everything was super good, package, campus and people.

One day when she was coming back home by an auto. Boooom!!! A speeding truck hit the auto. Her Auto flew and banged on the road with all the parts broken. Her auto driver was all unconscious. But she was conscious so far and could understood that she has met with an severe accident. Her left leg was not moving. She tried to move but couldn’t. Her arm was all bruised. The moment she fell blood running on her face, she went unconscious.

She opened her eyes in a hospital. Her left leg was broken, full body bruised badly, 12 stitches on her forehead. Her family and friends were around. Her Mum was crying like anything when she said(She was in condition to speak)-“Nothing has happened to me. Don’t worry. I am absolutely fine. I am not gonna die without achieving my goal. Please wipe your tears mum. I am gonna fight it gracefully.”

Her words got stuck in my ears till now and now i am penning it down.

Can you imagine, Within 2 months she joined back her office. And was doing really well again.

I love penning down these stories of real women of love. It gives me immense happiness.i feel grateful that they came into my life to teach me something or the other.



Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter G (7/26) See you tomorrow…



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