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I am something. #AtoZChallenge

I am something means am not only someone’s sister, mother, wife, daughter, I am more than all of this individually. All women must have seen/experienced a competitive behavior within our female closed ones. We as a woman do not pay respect to each other’s roles in life. And we keep forgetting that how important we are as an individual for each other.

Today am going to talk about couple of woman’s attitude toward other women.

Its my letter to all those women who cant find happiness, joy, love and empathy in other women. They keep judging them.

I am something Womanhood

Letter to a Woman with pride,

You are amazing, intelligent, beautiful, kind and you are everything what a woman can be. But try to be nice with other women of your life too.

If you are something that doesn’t mean she is nothing. For example, if you went to english school that doesn’t mean you can demean someone’s hindi medium schooling or your earning good and she might be earning less than you. Because Wisdom cannot be judged by your being english medium or hindi medium. Talent is something which can come to any of us, it doesn’t see any difference between a literature student or hindi medium.


Only degree holders have any right to become businessperson, writer, poet or something. With all due respect, it’s not true, those degrees might really helpful but talent never find a way through it always.


“Nowadays anybody starts writing”, “everybody is becoming writer”, “everyone feels that they are Shakespeare”, but dear proud woman, talk to your real soul and tell me that does it really matter?


Who has to shine will always find a way. She doesn’t need your validation, she doesn’t need any literature student degree, she might not be perfect to you but she is doing good for herself. Try to open your real heart and accept that we all are same. Don’t be blind with the pride of your degrees. Find joy in praising others too. You are not the only best in this world. There are other too, and few more who might be in the process of being best.

Hope you will find a midway to your heart and her heart.


From a woman with pride.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter I (9/26) See you tomorrow…



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