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Joy of Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

Being happy in oneself is a key of Happiness & experiencing utmost joy. Life gives us everything t taste. It’s a mix of sweet and sour experiences and memories. Today i am going to write about a woman of my life, who believed in simple and happy life.

Joy of womanhood1

When first time i met her in office, i found her little weird, she was all smiling and talking to all new joiners on her very first day. I had joined little old by 18 days i suppose. I wouldn’t gel up with her for first few days. But time passed and we became friends, then it was like everybody in the office used to call us like where is other S. both of our name’s initial was S.


Be with were super opposite, i was all loud, outspoken and she was all humble and soft spoken. But one what i loved about her was, her simplicity.


She was kind, calm and composed. She is woman of heart who can’t think anything bad about anyone in this world. Soon she told me about her love relations.


She had a boyfriend who was all nice but little dominant. He always used to tell her what to do, what not do, though she loved him too but by her sharing incidents with him, i felt she isn’t happy. In between she got to know that his mother was not ready to except because she was of other caste/religion. I didn’t like a man who tries to control her woman.


In all these days, another new joinee (Mr. R) approached me that he likes her so much, i knew a lot about this Mr. R already a lot. As i and He too was very good friend too. I told Miss S about Mr. R. She was all puzzled up and anyway in the urge of leaving her previous relationship that looked really sick to me.


I kinda tried to hooked them up. Gradually, and i loved my choice as they are Happily married couple today. And i got my both super good friends in a package.


It was kinda of joy of being a woman of intuition. Woman of possibilities. Woman of love.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter J (10/26) See you tomorrow…



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