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Kingly Womanhood #atozchallenge

Kingly Womanhood. What’s that? A woman deal with her own ups and downs gracefully. She is just not nice in good time but she keeps her calm in critical situations too. She makes her own boundaries and decides who is is allowed to cross the line. Kingly Womanhood is not about woman being rich by money but it is woman rich by her character/persona but maintains her simplicity to it’s core.


This story is about a woman, who stays in small City of Bihar(India), fell in love with a neighbor guy, who is 3 years older than her when she was in class 9. She just not fell in love of him but rose also in his love. Though this guy is average looking, average student but had a nice heart to love. All the contrary, this woman is beautiful, topper student but heart is as beautiful as of him to love.


She finished her schooling in this small City and went to Delhi to finish her degree in economics. As a brilliant student she got the opportunity and scholarship to go Harvard University to finish her Masters. All these days of studies she kept nurturing her long distance love as well.


After finishing her Masters she joined as banker in well known company in Mumbai. And asked this guy to come to Mumbai and search for job. As I told this guy was average performer so he couldn’t find a job in his city. After shifting to Mumbai he joined a company on average salary. In between, against their parents’ will both of them got married.


I met this girl in my society where I used to live on rent and she too had just shifted after marriage. Within few months of shifting she bought the same house. No wonder she was earning in crores per annum.


I am telling you my readers that this woman is super simple, super humble and so grounded. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to know everything about her. Such a graceful and a lovely woman she is. She lives a real kingly Womanhood.


Am glad that she is part of my writing.


I wish her more love and luck.



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