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Motherly Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

Though a motherly Womanhood is very familiar for all of us. Still I thought to share my gratitude to this lady of my life. Motherly Womanhood doesn’t require any explanation or definition. In itself it’s loving, caring and never leaving the side of loved ones.

I know this woman when first time I shifted to one PG (Paying Guest) in Delhi and this woman came from a hostel of Delhi University. Short height but so beautiful features and lovely soul. We became good friends there in the PG and gradually started cooking together, eating together, shopping together, late night movies and chit chats together.

One day due to some reason I had to leave the PG immediately. It was sort of a fight with my landlord but I fought for all the girls in PG because of lack of cleanliness, tap water leakage, bathroom water supply and few other issues. I decided to leave the PG immediately when I told her, she and another good friend(I will talk about her later) said we too will leave the PG with you now.

Same day we all 3 vacated the PG. But found another house after so much of hard work. This was Stand alone flat and we shifted together. We were super happy.

She joined some new office just few months back. Oftenly We we used to have fun on every weekend. We 3 we’re really close and good together. One day our 3rd friend went to her native place for 4-5 days. Our room arrangements were something like this I and 3rd roommate shared one room and the She used to stay alone in another room.

One day I fell little unwell so I skipped my office. But she went to her office and in the evening when she was back she cooked food for both of us. And brought me some medicine. Next day I had really bad health but didn’t tell her else she might miss her office too. She left that day and once she left my health started deteriorating I couldn’t move to drink water even. It was such a bad day that I can’t forget ever. It was super hot month of May in Delhi. Somehow I managed to have water but I realised that we were out of water at home. Not a single drip of drinking water. I cried but was not helping I just made me understand that it will make me more dehydrated so I started counting minutes when she will be back I can ask for some help.

I closed my eyes tried to sleep but couldn’t. Somehow day passed and by God grace she came 2 hours early that day as she had to go somewhere after office. She called my name and went to her room to get ready. I couldn’t speak and move a single inch. After 15 minutes she was in my room to say bye. She saw me almost dead. She screamed seeing me- what happened? Immediately she went out and gave me water from her office bottle. She cancelled her evening that day, she talked to some doctor and brought me medicines and water, cooked for me, fed me by her hands, I was unable to speak out of weakness but I was seeing her motherly Womanhood from my eyes.

Whole evening she took care of me, sat beside me and slept in my room in case of any emergency. By the next morning I felt little better. But she did not go to her office. She took a leave and took a good care of me.

Her love and care made me feel well and better.

This post am dedicating to her today. Wherever you are I hope you understand how thankful I am for that day.

Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.

Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter M (13/26) See you tomorrow…


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