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Nurturing Womanhood #atozchallenge

Nurturing womanhood is nothing but being protective and caring towards their loved ones. Their life revolves around their people always and mostly they forgot nurturing themselves. I am keeping my story very short today but it has really impacted me.

Nurturing womanhood

I am going to talk about a woman, who is beautiful outside, caring and protecting others, always in service of her family but what she is from inside, nobody knows, neither she knows about herself that how strong, supportive she is?. She is a warrior of her life. She never gave up on anything.

She loved fiercely, got married gracefully and loved her husband and his family like anything. In Spite of being more educated than her husband she never made him feel small or tried to demean. Apparently her husband always made her feel that she is woman and she needs to be surrender herself whether its financially, emotionally or physically.

Unfortunately her husband hit her big time mostly to pump up his ego and demean her self respect. She never replied back or tried to fight back. It happened many a times in front of her own growing kids too. Who also started disrespecting gradually as they felt she is dependent. Though she was earning too better than her husband. Nobody cared ever, neither her in laws or her own children.

One day when her husband tried to hit her in front of outsiders. She screamed- ENOUGH!

Don’t touch me else i will leave your house right now, now means now. I am all better than you and i have realized it. You never feel respect for me irrespective of my simplicity so now you listen to me carefully. Stop hitting me or my children else i will give you divorce as i can take care of myself and my kids too. I am financially too better than you.

In Front of so many outsiders her man couldn’t took it anymore and left the place immediately. Her only daughter and a son was watching this incident.

Just after this moment suddenly everything changed. Everyone’s perspective in the house changed, husband never hit her after that day. In Laws too stopped underestimating her and kids they started loving and respecting more her mother.

It just takes a moment when you really wake up out of your dream that you are a small nurturer too after god on this earth. You can’t ask for respect, you have to earn it by keeping your standards high.

I wish all luck, love and care for this woman.


And Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.

Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter N (14/26) See you tomorrow…



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