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Priceless Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

A woman’s priceless property is her heart, not a diamond or precious jewelry can buy it. Every woman wants fairy tale in her whether she likes to make it fancy or she wants to keep it simple.

This woman of my life always asked for more from life. She always thought that she won’t settle for anything less than she deserves. But to get a most deserving she was always open for risks and new experiences.

Priceless Womanhood

She didn’t have good childhood, she saw so much of violence at home. Her first quarter of life was not a good experience so she decided that she will find a good man for herself. Who has priceless feelings for, But finding a good man was not easy in this world. As no man comes with the tag of good or bad.

She started searching for man of her life like anything, she started learning men’s psychology and tried couple of dates with few guys whenever and wherever she felt it’s not doable. She left the date immediately. Yes it’s harsh she actually did so. She wanted a man with heart and a strong thought process. Everything else in any man was manageable as per her thoughts.

But it was always God’s grace or well wishers blessings that in any of these dates nobody tried to exploit/underestimate her. She tells me today that the way she was searching for her man, it could have been dangerous. But luckily nothing happened.

One day she met a guy online, she started liking him as knowing her thought process and his heart full of so much love. He almost swept her feet off. They had shared their picture together so they know how do they look. After a couple of months chatting, they decided to meet up.

As per the date and time decided she reached first at that place started waiting for him, she was all super excited and her heart was pounding like anything. Suddenly a car stops in front of her and asked her to come inside. She saw and tried to ignore that guy. But that guy looked adamant, she was going to scream when that guy called her by her name and details she shared with her online love. She moved ahead and sat inside of the car.

But now her heart was pounding with anger, there was no love left inside of her priceless heart. Because he was not the guy from the picture what he sent to her. He was all different person by look. Though he was good looking but that feeling of betrayal she was not able to handle. On the other side this guy kept talking that how beautiful she is and why she was going to scream as looks doesn’t matter and blah blah. She came out of her senses when he said- who sends the original picture to someone online. You are such dumb. But you really impressed me and all.

She replied- But you disappointed me hard. Stop the car now. Just pull over here now.

She got down and didn’t even turn back and saw him. Her priceless heart was shattered. She never made fake Id or account to ruin someone’s life.

She was walking on the road and kept crying. In that kind of state she kept walking for straight 3 hours unless her feelings of betrayal come down.

She pulled herself together and booked a cab for herself and left for her home.

She might not be perfect but was not wrong too as per my perspective.

What do you say my readers about her?

And Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.

Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter P (16/26) See you tomorrow…



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