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Quotidian Womanhood #AtoZWomanhood

Today in Quotidian Womanhood, I will explain first the meaning of Quotidian- It means occurring every day.

In a woman’s life at certain point of time they keep feeling this Quotidian situation. Though most of us silently wishes to not to live a quotidian life but life full of adventures and experiences. Its human nature to settle in a comfort zone but not settling in comfort zone is also as natural as adventurous persona can feel of.

I know a couple of women who thinks that how other  people are living their wonderful life (without knowing or understanding their battles), and how they are super busy in their quotidian routine. How they do not have time to do other things in this world.


This woman got married with a mediocre guy,  being 8th child of her mother. In very first I found her that she really nice but at the same time I felt a pinch of pride of her beauty in her. Anyway being a nice person is always my priority in becoming friends process. So we became good friends and though she was 10 years older than me, she always feels that her beauty is not fading away(It’s good unless someone else notices). I still let it go.


One day she started talking about her husband that how patriarchal he is, he never helps her in household or taking care of kids. How many times she would have cribbed about her husband’s job that how less paid he is. This and that. In short a box of crib. It’s has become like the moment you say -Hi! to her. She used to start opening her complain box.


That day I said to her- Dear why don’t you help your husband by opting for job. You are Masters in art, you will easily get the job. Then her another crying started-it has been years of leaving my studies who will give me a job. How much I will get this and that again. I asked her you just say- yes! My another friend runs a school nearby, I can talk to her.


She abruptly said- No. Who will run my house and all.


I do understand that how difficult is running a home but at the same time, I feel how easy it is to keep yourself in culprit position and blaming others. To come out of a situation, we only can help ourselves, who else will do this for us.


Figure out the solution of your situation and act towards it. Then only you can come out of your quotidian routine.


Now readers! you tell me what is the solution of the woman’s thought process?


Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.

Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter Q (17/26) See you tomorrow…



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