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Reverent Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

Reverent woman opens her heart for everyone and everything in her life. Though we all know that open heart might go through so many tough times in this world.

Reverant Womanhood

Today i will introduce you a woman with deep respect and love for humans and things both. She always felt that people who does any kind of favor (whether it is big or small) to us, deserves kindness, love and respect from our gesture and words both.

Like for her, plants and things which fulfills our requirement, also deserve thank you or sorry types of words. It used to come naturally out of her behavior. She didn’t do practice for this behavior.


She realized her behavior when one day one person started imitating her. It was her 3 years son. She saw that one day when she was walking on the road, she tripped over a plant, out of her nature she said-Sorry. Immediately her son said sorry too to the plant. Then one day she was in lift when come out of it she said thanks to Lift-Man. So did her son too. She loved plants her son loved playing with plants too, whether it was watering plant or cleaning anything.


But unlike all human being she was not perfect too.


One day in kids play area, she went with her son, where he was all playing and enjoying with other kids. After 15 minutes a 4 years boy came to her crying that your son pushed me hard, i fell from the slide. Immediately she got super angry and slapped her son first time in front of other kids and parents, without even asking him that if he had done it or not. Naturally her son started howling.She picked her up and came back to home. When she received a call from another mother that your kid didn’t do anything it was some other kid, you should have asked once.


She said Sorry to her son but he was super angry and went to his room and slapped her Bruno toy. She was extremely shameful now. She was crying in front of her kid now. She explained her kid that she is really feeling bad for her action and she will not let happen this again. Can you believe that her 3 years old son replied “Mum please stop crying. I don’t like seeing you cry. So it’s OK!”


This whole scenario might let you think that how cruel and stupid mum she was. Rather i would say- She was a strong Mum. Because again unknowingly she created a bonding with her kid by accepting her mistake.


Next time when her son did something wrong. He went her Mum and said-”Sorry Mamma! I will be careful next time.”


She was all amazed that how her unconscious reverent mind created a strong bond between Mum & Son and How the whole condition of situation of “Awful” to “Aweful” took place.

Please revert your feelings below in the comment my dear readers.

Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.

Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter R (18/26) See you tomorrow…


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