My EBF Journey #BreastfeedingWeek

Unlike all new parents, we were hell anxious about what is going to happen once our baby arrives.   I wasn't sure if I will be able to deliver normal, but I was super sure about 6 months exclusive breastfeeding (ebf). The very first moment when I saw my little tiny daughter, latching on my… Continue reading My EBF Journey #BreastfeedingWeek


MamaCuddle PWCC Baby Wrap: Product Review

I saw this MamaCuddle PWCC wrap and the owner Inshika, on Insta first time. Then and there only I loved the product. And decided to try it. Within few conversations I received the product for review. Though I loved all available colors. But I loved most is sky blue.   The day I received it.… Continue reading MamaCuddle PWCC Baby Wrap: Product Review


Reflection Post #atozchallenge

It has been few months when I decided to run my blog. Blog, to write, to express, to breathe more, to control my pulse rate. It was a time, when I got to know about #atozchalpange2018. I just decided to participate and somehow I managed everyday post and survived for the whole challenge. Posted stories… Continue reading Reflection Post #atozchallenge

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LittleWings Full Buckle Review

I am a mother of 17 Months and she loves babywearing. I never knew this concept though I had seen many pictures where tea pluckers are wearing their baby along. But I will wear my baby ever it's a surprise for me but today it's only a bliss 😇 for me. Whenever any carriers arrive… Continue reading LittleWings Full Buckle Review

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When she got The News: 2 lines

It was 16 Feb, 2016 when she did her pregnancy test. Bingo!!! It was positive. Still doesn't remember she was happy or confused or felt weird. It was new for both of them that's why She & He were excited too but of course in disguise. From here the journey of "being Mumma one day"… Continue reading When she got The News: 2 lines