Untold Stories

Faith in herself was sufficient

She struggled to find her first job. But she just needed a break. She knew that doing studies of her choice was not the end of the story. Actual journey of life was yet to start. She started her career with one of the biggest B2B companies of India. Which was situated in Delhi far… Continue reading Faith in herself was sufficient

Untold Stories

Eternal strength she was made up of

She was forced to go for medical entrance exams but she was adamant. She used to leave the copies blank and knowing the fact that giving right answers might spoil the one deserving candidate's seat. Society didn't stop there. Now she had graduation. She started her journey with half heartedly. She used to go college… Continue reading Eternal strength she was made up of

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Destiny Vs Society’s Choice

Gracefully she passed her 10th board exams. Now was the time when her decision of choosing subjects in 11th standard would give direction to her career. Let me tell you here that I am talking about a girl from a small City in India. And I am taking you back to the 90s. When people… Continue reading Destiny Vs Society’s Choice

Untold Stories

Counting failure a blessing

When you are on the verge of counting your blessings. You should not miss even a smallest moment that turn into a blessing.   She was also in the same situation. She started with her childhood but now coming to her most dreamy years of teen age. She was in class 10th when her elder… Continue reading Counting failure a blessing

Untold Stories

Because she took one more step

Basic intro has been given of this girl so far. She was in class 6th when she realized that she is not a good student. She doesn't even understand the meaning of a single sentence in her English reader book. She started questing her worth even on that age. Her elder sisters were doing amazing… Continue reading Because she took one more step

Untold Stories

About a girl with no goal

So I am gonna tell you the set of small stories about this girl next door. Let me introduce her. She was the 4th and last child of her parents. She was a mediocre student and have had a mix memories of childhood. When I say ‘mix’ means some to be kept and some she… Continue reading About a girl with no goal


A to z challenge April 2018-theme reveal: Randomization

Hurray... something to look upon next month. Gonna participate in a to z blogging challenge. For the whole details please visit #atozchallenge website I hope you are gonna read all these 26 posts. Love to all my readers. All Yours 🤗