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Diligent Womanhood #atozchallenge

The diligent woman aspire for more. She is never sacred of hard work. She never stops caring for her family friends or loved ones. She is a wife, mother, helper, lover and many more role you can imagine a woman plays in our life. In this journey of ABCD of womanhood am not asking for… Continue reading Diligent Womanhood #atozchallenge

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You are born to shine, Kaashvi!

A letter to my 1.5 year old daughter. This She, is a part of me and my heart. A part of my heart which walks, runs and breathe & I can see it smiling and giggling. You make my heart melt like anything. And these days, so much melodrama she makes. Am sure it happens… Continue reading You are born to shine, Kaashvi!

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XYZ! I love you

Last couple of stories left of this challenge. And I am feeling that I have come pretty far being new blogger. Anyway, this story is about a very important She of my life, name Vidya but Nickname XYZ. I always wanted to penned down her old school love story but didn't get chance till today.… Continue reading XYZ! I love you

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Wisdom vs. Intelligence

Wisdom has nothing to do with intelligence and that I understood little late. Today I am going to tell you the story of this super intelligent She of my life, name Sia.   I met her in college, became friends, then good friends and lately ended up being so close friends. She was super intelligent… Continue reading Wisdom vs. Intelligence

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Victory, well deserved

She opted for an intercollege dance competition where all the state champions college took part too. She was not a well trained dancer but she loved dancing it was one of her dream to learn classical dance but couldn't. She had dreamt of herself, performing on stage in front of full stadium, many times. But… Continue reading Victory, well deserved

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Universe conspires #atozchallenge

Whatever she was today, she thought it's all because of luck, yes luck is a crucial part of destiny but she realized, that it all about the conspiracies of the Universe, when she met with her childhood friend Meira after two decades. Though mostly she had cherished all memories of life but with few people… Continue reading Universe conspires #atozchallenge

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Thank You Note #atozchallenge

It's one of those tough days of challenge when I am not able to find time and energy to write my story. Last 24 hours were all mixed of emotions. Happiness, excitement, relaxiing, rejuvenating, grateful with fear, threatening, hurt, concern, worry, anger, irritated. But all ended up with gratitude. So will tell this story some… Continue reading Thank You Note #atozchallenge

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Stop suffering, raise your voice

That doesn't mean she didn't suffer ever. She suffered whole life in different phase of life. But she never gave up on anything whatever tried to pull her down. Atleast tried. Soon she understood that this groase (read previous story) type of people exist in this world only. It was her first time of life… Continue reading Stop suffering, raise your voice

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Risk taker, she was

Risk taker, yes she was. Though she was mostly never scared of risks and the outcome from it. But this time she put her life on risk. True. Let's read the whole story what happened that night. It was around 8:15 pm when she was walking back to her flat after buying cake for her… Continue reading Risk taker, she was

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Quality, she thrived for always

Fierce, fearless and flawed. Yes, she was flawed, not perfect, but more than happy with her flaws. She had accepted very soon that she is not perfect. Although so determined that she will always thrive for a better version of herself. She kept trying things, people and places, never gave up on hurdles. Quality was… Continue reading Quality, she thrived for always