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Obligated Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

As a woman we have this tendency to keep thinking about others no matter other people are realizing or not. Most of the time they are clueless. I am not saying that we are so great human being or something. Please do not misunderstand me. I have this strong feeling that most of the people in a woman’s life take them for granted. Most of them, not all.

Obligated Womahood

Today’s story is about a woman, who got married in very early age like 17. After marriage she came into a super conservative family from a conservative family -home. It was 3rd day after marriage ceremony when newly wed couple had to leave for their honeymoon. 2nd day her old mother n law(MIL) came into her room when she was packing her stuff. MIL said to her – swear me up that you are not going to let him touch you. Unless i tell you. She was all surprised that what is this? She said said to her MIL-if you want we can cancel our trip. MIL said-No, No. My son will think that am bitch. You swear me up that you won’t even tell him that i have asked you to not to let him touch you. She was all puzzled up. Anyway she was obligated so she did as she was told on her honeymoon result her husband was all angry and furious. What is wrong with her and all. Just imagine this woman’s mind what she might be going through.

Anyway after a month her MIL asked her to proceed for romance. And within an year she was pregnant. Not even 18 completed when she delivered a baby boy that too in very bad medical condition.

And within 2nd year of this delivery she delivered another baby girl. She was always busy with household and babies. There is no rest hours in the day time. She was always kept busy in some or the other household. Day, Month, Year passes and her husband got transfer in another city. Till now she was 24. She has little rest time now. But out of habit now she was always busy in taking care of babies and husband. Their school, lunchbox, homework, exams, tuition. She was all stuck in between.

Her husband was loving but super busy in his work so never available when she needed him. Whether it is her health or of her kids health. Taking care of everything was her nature.

After 10  years her husband got transfer in another city of India. Here comes her transformation in this new city she didn’t have so many friends. Till now her kids were grown up and went away outside of home for further studies. Her husband also used to be super busy these days as his job was very demanding, always demanded his time sometimes nights also he didn’t come back home.

This woman now took a charge of herself and started studying further. She completed her graduation in age of 40 and then she didn’t stop anywhere. Masters and then computers, driving, swimming everything she learned whatever she must have missed ever. She was now a fitness freak.

What Else you think about an obligated woman? Who always feels that her existence is to be available for other though it’s not true. Please take care of yourself women. You are far far more than you even you realize. Lots of love and care to you all.


And Loads of love to my readers and silent readers.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter O (15/26) See you tomorrow…




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