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Limitless Womanhood #AtoZChallenge

Limitless womanliness happens only with all love, care and sheer energy. Though we all human beings are so open to opportunities but I have seen in my 37 years that for women, filled with will, there is no limit. Our minds work like windows software, multitasking.


I looked at her she was practicing with me but looked thinking something else. After a month there was a Bengali (a community in India) cultural function in her residential complex. We both were practicing a pure Bengali group dance performance with another 2 women.


She had 3 years old baby. With him she was managing office, home, baby, husband, dance performance and organizing this whole event from the scratch. Just imagine a kind of pressure she have had. It was awesome seeing her managing everything but keeping her calm along with listening to everyone, whosoever was coming to her with any query. She looks strict but can’t behave strict. She nicely answered everyone.


Then for the dance performance she had to practice everyday after coming back from office but with her kid. A toddler can be moody, or happy any time. She managed that too with her calm. I just saw and felt closely her behavior.


She is so so much more than she thinks she is or she can be, I was thinking.


She is a first best example or limitless Womanhood to me from my recent memory. I wish more strength and huge success to her.


Keep reading the 26 stories of #ABCDofWomanhood under the #atozchallenge on this blog #maxmumsonia. Letter L (12/26) See you tomorrow…



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