Untold Stories

Honesty tried dishonesty

She was looking for another job in her hometown as she was supposed to get married within an year. So whenever she gets chance she visits her hometown with the thought that she will grab some opportunity. Most of the hometown companies were offering her lesser than her present  package (as she was working in a metro city) It’s her 3rd visit when she went through in organic FMCG company.

Wow! She was all happy and relieved now. She started packing her stuff to move back to her city. It was March when she joined her second company in hometown. All good. Though the company owner was British but all festival used to be celebrated within the company. Very beautiful work culture.

2 months passed, first salary had come when one day she was busy in her new presentation, got a call from HR head. After finishing her stuff she went to meet HR. HR said what was your last package? We have got to know that you have done alteration in previous employer’s payslip. HR continues this is so unethical. You should have not done this Miss. She just turn pale as she made some changes in her payslips before submitting in this organization. She was looking down with shame. She thought the whole world does the same thing but never caught ever. She knew few of her friends did that. What was wrong with her luck. In this moment what that HR was saying to her, she couldn’t hear a single word. She was complete zoned out. She just said, “Sorry” and left the room without listening to or saying anything.

She came back to her seat. Picked up her stuff and came out of office campus. Few people around said that your phone is ringing. She was walking like zombie.

Anyway she was on fault. It was her mistake. Somehow she pulled herself together with all her strength. It was lesson of life for her.

Lesson – to not try hands on dishonesty, or any negative thing/action which bring short term success. Might be people does all these trick to grab opportunity but it was not her cup of tea. She was a girl of Karma. No negative actions were made for her.

That day she decided whether situations are on her side or not. She will never ever choose a wrong path.

She spoke to her fiance about everything and situation, tears rolled on her cheeks, he warned her about this outcome as he knew her well than she knew about herself.

Still he said-it’s okay. Life is a bumpy ride. You have a moral story ready to tell your children and your grandchildren. She smiled and hung up the call.

Her mind was still talking to herself. You are not an extraordinary girl. You are a girl next door. She speaks- Yes! I am YOU.

She might born with ordinary circumstances but she was living this extraordinary award ceremony.

Keep reading the whole series of 26 stories of #GirlwithGoal under the #atozchallenge on this page #maxmumsonia. Letter H (8/26) See you tomorrow…


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