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#atozchallenge – Journey So Far

So this journey of #atozchallenge2018 is about to finish. And I believe that journey is more beautiful than last stop. So I felt. It was tough for me, being new blogger, writing posts everyday without fail. This month had few pretty heavy days, few too busy days, and few were so happy days to celebrate.

TODAY is one of them.

My theme of this #atozchallenge2018 is Girl with Goal. Where I am writing stories about an extraordinary girl. This girl can be you, your friend, your family or maybe I. It’s up to you.

Hope you will enjoy.

So, I am giving you a short cut to reach or read my #atozchallenge2018 stories here, you can read all stories in it’s alphabetical manner below:

  1. About a girl with no goal
  2. Because she took one more step
  3. Counting failure a blessing
  4. Destiny Vs Society’s Choice
  5. Eternal strength she was made up of
  6. Faith in herself was sufficient
  7. Girl found right friends
  8. Honesty tried dishonesty
  9. I am
  10. Just live in this moment
  11. Keep dreaming
  12. Let it go
  13. More Power to this “She”
  14. New Sun was rising
  15. Opened arms were welcoming a cute memory
  16. Places, People and Planning
  17. Quality, she thrived for always
  18. Risk taker, she was
  19. Stop suffering, raise your voice
  20. Thank You Note
  21. Universe conspires
  22. Victory, well deserved
  23. Wisdom vs. Intelligence
  24. XYZ! I love you
  25. You are born to shine, Kaashvi!
  26. Zero to One

I am a pretty amateur blogger in this blogging world. Thanks to all who supported me and kept pushing me. Thanks to all my readers.

This challenge has given me immense amount of energy and positivity to think beyond my imagination so far. Am expecting more from it.


To read other beautiful #atozchallenge2018 stories click here.


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